Michelle Obama launches mentoring program

by Greta Kaul

            Michelle Obama launched a mentoring program to give local high school girls a chance to connect to the White House, the Associated Press said.

            To kick off the program, thirteen girls met with mentors at the White House to kick off the program Monday, the AP said.  The program has been a goal of Michelle Obama's since becoming first lady.

            The program, now in early stages, intends to match 20 high school girls with 20 mentors, the AP said.  The mentors will be senior women from the White House staff, the Washington Post said.

            The students were chosen by their high school principals as girls who could benefit from the program, the AP said.  They will meet with their mentors once a month through August at the White House.

            Michelle Obama has often talked about the importance of role models in her life, the Washington Post said.  She told the girls that she expects that they, too, become mentors in the lives of children, the AP said.

            The White House intends to start a similar program for boys, according to the Washington Post.

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