November 3, 2005

Question 1:

Based on the information given, state your hypothesis regarding the source of the outbreak. Provide a brief rationale for your hypothesis based on the interview results and any additional reading you have done.

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Question 2:

Describe and justify below how would you define controls for this study. Include exact eligibility criteria(list inclusion and exclusion criteria), advantages of identifying controls in the way you choose to identify them, and approximately number of controls needed. Be sure to describe the ‘source cohort’ of the proposed control group and why the proposed control group is appropriate. Discuss other methods that might be used to identify controls and the advantages of each method.

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Question 3:

Would you propose any matching criteria? If so, what would you match on? Justify your choice for matching (if proposed). If you decide not to match, explain why you decided not to do so.

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Question 4:

What method would you use for matching:

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Question 5:

Over what period would you examine exposures to possible risk factors for cases? For controls? Explain why you chose this time period for exposure.

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Question 6:

What methods would you use for collecting data from cases and controls? Justify the method you chose. Discuss advantages and limitations of all possible methods.

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Question 7:

Describe potential sources of selection and information bias and steps you would take to minimize these biases, if possible.

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Question 8:

Briefly describe the general steps and methods that would be used to analyze the study data. Be sure to comment on the possible confounding factors that will be considered, why you might expect them to be confounders, and how they will be handled. Also comment on whether or not effect modification will be evaluated. If effect modification will be evaluated, what specific modifiers will be considered and how you will analyze them? Avoid statistical jargon.

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October 31, 2005

set up

Welcome to the group1 blog!!
I think it easy for everyone to use this system.

To put your comment, click the "comment" on the bottom and simply put your name, email address and comment then click "Post". It's possible to keep your info by checking Yes on "Remember personal info?"

I'll put the questions on this site as soon as the electric version of the meterial provided. Beside, I'll try to custamize this blog to automatically send emails to you all if someone put a comment. So please check this site frequently or simply send email to us all when you put your comment until everything OK.

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