Recent HUP Events

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Interested in learning about current research on infant brain development and the impacts of child maltreatment? Take a look at the HUP website ( to watch videos of presentations by Professor Dante Cicchetti, Professor Megan Gunnar, and Professor Ann Masten from our recent events. The events were organized to make important research around the impacts of toxic stress and resiliency accessible to Hennepin County staff.

We at the HUP office are always looking for ways to increase the level of discourse between Hennepin County and the University. Today we launch a blog that we hope will give people another way to make a connection.

To get things rolling, HUP staff will be fairly active on this blog, posting ideas we're hearing about, and connections that might be of interest beyond their topical area.

But to make this useful, the most important thing will be thoughts and ideas generated by YOU and YOUR COLLEAGUES. So take a chance and dive in - the water's great!