June 29, 2005

One of my sources

Katz. “Obesity Management an Evidence-Based Pharmacy Practice.” American Journal of Health-System Pharmacy Sep 2001. June 2005 .

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One of my sources

Katz. “Obesity Management an Evidence-Based Pharmacy Practice.” American Journal of Health-System Pharmacy Sep 2001. June 2005 .

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June 28, 2005

June 29th entry

I had heard before about Gorilla hunting, however, I had never heard it to be legal to hunt them for any purpose. The fact that there is actually a swelling market for the meat of these mammals is astounding. I could never and will never find myself at a dinner table eating gorilla. The fact that specific parts namely the head and feet of the gorilla or chimpanzee is a little disgusting. If anything I would think the flank/butt of the gorilla would be the best part. But it is not necessarily the consumption of the hand that is so important. It is its medicinal value. Interesting article though.
I found my favorite reading to be Julie Student’s paper on high blood pressure to be very interesting. Though I did not fully see the papers correlation to high blood pressure throughout the paper but rather in connection to fad diets and the suggested five food groups theory. After reading her paper I definitely have to agree with her argument. I do believe it is important to include all food groups. Simply cutting a food group or two or three from your diet will only hurt you whether visible or not.

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June 26, 2005

June 27th entry

For this days assignment I decided to read "What's in the Meat." I found the content of reading appaling. E. Coli is definitley no joke. A single infected cow can infect as much as 32,000 pounds of meat. And E. Coli can servive being frozen and withstand 160 degrees Fahrenheit (Schlosser 201). The most horrid thing that I read in this article was the excrutiating deaths withstood by some of the children infected by E.Coli. One such case gave a kid three heart attacks (Schlosser 199). And on top of these deaths what spread such cases. The cattle actually eat manure, dead cats and dogs from animal shelters, dead sheep, and even themselves dead cattle.
After reading this section of Fast Food Nation I was intrested to see how Schlosser obtained his information. It was suprising to see the main content of this section was obtained through interviews. Schlosser spent a lot of his personal time seeking out USDA officials, National Advisory Committee on meat, the chief of Foodbourne and Diarrheal Diseases Branch of the CDC (Centers for Disease Control and Prevention). It was my pleasure to see how much Schlosser put into his research.

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June 23, 2005

June 23rd entry

In the reading "Food Poorn" I felt myself somewhat lost in the vocabulary but mostly bored at the slow moving article. I did find a connection between Mimi Sheraton's article and this one. The connection was between the experiences they had at the Times... specifically reflecting upon the rule of three visits at all restaurants before reviews were released.
However in "My Life as a Hand Model" I found it interesting to read about all of the aspects and details that go into hand modeling. I found it especially interesting to know hand models were actually hired in scenes where hands were not even required in the shot. It was not so much the appeal of the hands themselves but the movement. On top of the fluid movement required to accentuate certain ads it was the scenery that had to play along. It was all an illusion.... every ad was made to illustrate a surreal enviornment. Frozen pizza turned into a visit to Italy with a chef pulling a fresh, open flamed, stone oven cooked pizza. On top of the motions I also found it interesting to read about the actua detailed presentation of the food. Covering peppers with wax to bead the water... it is genius and it really works. I was always told that all the food in pictures was fake and casted in wax or something like that, but now I guess I am not sure.

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June 22, 2005

June 20th entry

I found Mimi Sheraton's article "My Time at the Times" to be a page turner. From the beginning I found it interesting to hear her talk about how she had to learn to fool the restaurant owners to retain her anonynity. Because the Times had a three restaurant vistit standard set before she could write a review she had to do this. But the fact that she mostly visited more than three times and an one point visited a given restaurant twelve times. It was quite humorous to here about her wardrobe... the wigs and glasses that hid her suspicious eyes. It was suprising to hear about the cruel treatment she recived at some restaurants. One even sat here in such a horrible place that her seat was continually bumped by passing traffic because she was not well known or royalty. And the tab she would rack up yearly of $90,000 at restaurants like these is disappointing. But as a critic you don't get to choose your favorite restaurants because that would be purposless. Overall the the embarissing stories of Mimi being discovered by restaurant owners and other stories of horrible restaurants were interesting to read and often times humorous.

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June 22nd entry

When reading from my first chapter of Fast Food Nation "The Most Dangerous." I have always heard about the horrid conditions at meat plants but never heard the detail of the environment. I never knew how dangerous the positions were. The variety of injuries were incredible; laceration, fracture, hernia! Then after the injuries hearing about how they were dealt with. OSHA was continually losing touch with meat plants and letting the plants get away with more irresponsibility. The mix of increased pace with the pressure of the supervisors attempting to meet their quota. The neglect of injuries was used by these supervisors because the goal was to report as few injuries as possible. This neglect in the plant even lead to a number of deaths. And at one plant some plant was charged only $480 "per head" of four deaths. The head of OSHA, Barry White said, "I know very well that you know more about safety and health in the meat industry than I do" (White 179). How the hell can the head of OSHA know nothing about cleanliness? Then the sex within the supervisors and the women in the workplace…in cars in the parking lot, in the bathrooms, and even over the kill space on the catwalks! Ultimatley what is unfortunate is that nothing is being done about the plant problems and I doubt they will change much.

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June 21, 2005

June 21st 'in-class' entry

Myth #1: Not enough Food

I was suprised to know that there is actually enough food to literally over feed every person on this earth every single day. (Frances Moore Lappé, Joseph Collins and Peter Rosset, with Luis Esparza). But not as suprised to hear why that food is not readily available for everyone. It is at the cost of those who are hungry that big businesses work with the government to sustain efficiency of food production to make money. I chose to look at this problematic connection to starvation because I think business corrupts people in several other aspects. For, example outsourcing to retain cheap labor.
At this time I am not exactly sure that you can reformat the current system upheld by elitists in connection with the governments support. Because the current system has all the money (elitists) and all the power (government). But I ultimatley believe it is important to recognize those help aid those in poverty and to support them.

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June 21st entry

After reading these articles from vista I was clearly able to identify a problematic flow to the way poverty remains sustained across the globe. I identified the necessity for big business and government to regulate the economy out of efficency creates the many poverty stricken people. This poverty then spirals into extreme hunger. I found it very shocking to hear in the "12 Myths About Hunger" that actually reverting from big business ownership of farms back to th numerous small family owned farm development that productivity would increase up 80 percent. I think it is also important to note that if we reverted to small family ownership of farms, a numerous inflation of employment opportunity would arise.
Lastly I feel it is important to reflect upon the fact that there is more than enough food for each person in the world to be fed each and everyday. This clearly states that we are not producing food in an effective manner. It frustrates me to that big business and government hold hands in perpetuating the hunger especially found in developing countries. THe companies drive families to starvation by overcharging and leaving the farmers with nothing.

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June 16, 2005

June 16th entry

My favorite reading this night was "Farm-Fresh Find." I realy enjoyed this piece because of its humor. One quote read "Now I never in my life havr refused a gentelman offering to French my rack, and neither has any other sensible lass..." (Moskowitz pg. 149). There is obviously some sexual conotation to this comment and that is why it made it funny. Outside of the humor I thoroughly enjoyed the detailed descriptions of food from lamb chops to hondrolias.
In Deserans article "Playing the Market" I felt I needed to go to this market especially since it was Minneapolis born. I guess I ultimatley hope that the market can matain/retain it's authenticity. I don't want it to sel out. Then in "The Mother of All Markets" I felt disappointed after hearing the positive aspects of the indoor market because at the end it seemed that the autor was disappointed with the mainstream feeling of the place.
In the end I most wated to visit the market distributing farm lamb and other meats...though pricy I believe it is important to represent our areas natural products. No hormones or preservatives. And at the same time as said in the article it supports our states farmers and cuts out the big business that gets in the way of our our true meat product

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