January 23, 2008

I hate Chase

Let it be no secret…I spent money like nobodies business. It’s not to say that I can afford to but I can always find a way to justify it to myself without feeling ridiculously guilty…most of the time. I mention this only to those that might actually be reading this as a simple request– don’t judge me. I know I live a pretty frivolous lifestyle considering I’m still in college. My brother reminds me every chance he gets that I am absolutely terrible with money. I still find a way to pay my bills and rent and everything else important so I figure it’s gotta be okay somehow. So fine. There’s that secret out of the way.

After my first class back to school (might I add my last first class of the semester ever!) it was definitely time for some food and catching up with friends. Lunch time included a rather dry sub from Subway, a Coke as a source of energy, cookies because they looked delicious (which they were), and a pack of gum to hide the onion breath as a result of my sub: $9

On a completely random note- but somewhat relevant, I would like to now state my current hate for the credit card company Chase. I found a fraudulent charge on my account today, as I haven’t used that credit card in literally months. I called the company and they said I would have to call the company that charged me, find out how they got my information and receive a refund from them. Yea, good luck with that Whitney. Rumor on the street has it that the company that charged me has several law suits in action against them for similar things. Scam company entirely I guess. It was 90 dollars, I guess I’m gonna have to cave and pay the fee. I can’t afford a lawyer.