January 25, 2008

Early Morning Fridays...Ish

Have just returned home from class. My last semester of college and my first Friday class ever...and it's at 830 am. Perfect. (That is just entirely too early for me as I am much more of a night owl than a morning person). I decided coffee was in order, especially after hearing out prof was running late. The basement of Wilson for Dunn Bros. Of course they had it set up so you have to walk past all the food before ordering your coffee. The delicious looking apple fritters were to much for me to pass up so I had to get one. Medium white mocha and apple fritter : $5

Our Travels prof kindly already ordered our books for us so we just had to pay him for the book : $15

Anne and I rode together to class this morning. We, of course, argued (purely out of love obviously) about which way was faster to get there continuing the same discussion as two days ago. Yay for car pool parking (and Anne paying $1) : $1.50

Kate and Newton

As I happily spent the afternoon cleaning my apartment all the while listening to music, it occurred to me that I should probably mention one obsessive consumption as of lately. I am always listening to music and lately the only two artists I have been listening to are Kate Voegele and Newton Faulkner. I mention this for the reason that I have been listening to both of them via myspace. Each have about five songs on their sites. Myspace music works in a wonderful way: IT'S FREE! Which is great for the listener but also works to the advantage of the artist because it's kind of a teaser to the listener. I want to go buy both CD's now because the songs are so good. Nearly everytime I go to their pages now I unintentionally end up reading their bios, shows, and what not. Seriously...nearly every time I go! Its free promotion for the artist and free music for me! The best of both worlds. I only mention this now because I seriously have been listening to all 10 songs on repeat for about a week straight now. Amazing new music : FREE!