January 27, 2008

Computer Free Saturday

I was not around a computer all day yesterday. First time that’s happened in a while. I guess that will happen when you work a 10 hour shift and then go out right afterwards. So yesterday…let’s see. I worked all day and had lunch (Chicken Fajita Wrap) and a sugar free Red Bull to keep me awake: $6

The hockey game was on while I was finishing my shift which of course meant the sound was on in the bar (I work at Library Bar in Dinkytown for those that don’t know). My ears are constantly bombarded by commercials as the sound always seems to get louder when they come on. The only commercials that ever catch my attention are the ones with music. This is true even when I’m sitting in front of the TV. Commercials with a good song seem to be about the only ones I can enjoy.

After work I stopped at SuperAmerica for dinner: frozen pizza, more red bull, and cookies. The cookies were not an intended item of purchase but they always seem to put the bakery stuff right in front of the main door and always so brightly lit. I can never help but go look. 2 for 89 cents? Why wouldn’t I buy them? Though I did feel guilty at the time and that it was a bad idea…I did it anyway: $15

I went out to the VFW for some good ol fashion karaoke. A good time, some drinks (most not paid by me as my friends owed me money), and a cab ride home: $11