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January 31, 2008

Mmmm Chocolate Croissants

Today began by stopping at Dunn Bros for a medium white mocha (obviously my drink of choice lately) and my favorite breakfast food in the world: a chocolate croissant. I had my first ever in Europe and it will forever reminding me of waiting in the airport to go to Germany. I also paid for parking today: $9.75

January 30, 2008

Barthes and the American Gladiators

American Gladiators serves as a contemporary version of professional wrestling. Many of the character traits that Barthes reveals in his essay still hold true to these characters.

Barthes discusses the obviousness of the characters as soon as they step in the ring. With the new American Gladiators, this obviousness begins even before that. It starts as soon as the show begins by introducing the gladiators with booming music and flashing lights. When they first introduce the contenders, they do so with a personal interview with each in a quiet pre-recorded set with lovely piano music playing in the background and a heartfelt story as to why they want to win. The game hasn’t even begun yet and everyone is portraying their role already.

The obviousness is still present but now with American Gladiators they try to make the audience cheer for the contenders even more by telling their story and trying to convince the audience that these are everyday people. As if all of the subtleties weren’t made obvious enough, the announcer even states that it’s the battle of David vs. Goliath. As if the lights, sounds, clothes, and appearance of the gladiators wasn’t enough, now we have the announcer flat out telling us that the gladiators are the monster, or in the words of Barthes, the bastard.

Barthes states that “it is therefore in the body of the wrestler that we find the first key to the contest.? (pg. 17) This not only still holds true but I would say that it is pushed even further. The contenders are everyday people, but they are still pretty large for being normal everyday people (especially considering we live in a country with such a high obesity rate). The gladiators, however, are so ridiculously large they make the contenders look tiny. Not only are their bodies gargantuan, their costumes or clothes also reveal their physique even more. The gladiators’ outfits leave very little to the imagination when it comes to their physique, revealing that yes, in fact, every inch of their body is sculpted from head to toe. The contenders’ outfits are a bit more discreet as they don’t have quite the muscle mass as the gladiators. The build of the gladiators compared to the contenders is clearly going to make the audience want to cheer for the contenders because they will be seen as the underdog.

The other obviousness about the costumes is the color. The contenders are of course wearing patriotic red and blue while the gladiators wear black and silver. Good versus evil, or in this case an almost instant association between America versus anyone.

Nearly everything Barthes stated in his essay so long again can still hold true today when looking at a contemporary version of wrestling. The only difference may be concluded that with American Gladiators, the audience does care about the outcome to some extent. As the contenders compete against each other, it is obvious that one of the contenders will win in the end. However, during each event, the audience still wants to see the contender conquer the gladiator they are facing.


After a delay of about 3 weeks I have finally decided to do laundry...basicaly just because I was out of socks. It's the first time I've done laundry in my apartment. It's nice because it's just in the basement and the same prices as my old apartment. 1.50 for wash, 1.00 for dry. 2 loads each: $5.00

January 29, 2008

Another typical tuesday

As goes my life when school is in session, things become pretty predictable. As was my previous tuesday, the only expenditures today were of food. Subway, a coke, and some cookies (they were just so good last time!) : $7

Sooo cold

It's so stinkin cold out today! Woah. Especially after having such a gorgeous day yesterday. The morning has started off by an attempt to warm up and wake up. A Latte and scone from Lori's: $4.50

January 28, 2008


Now that school has started back up I’ve realized that my life has become pretty boring again. My time is consumed with work, classes, homework, and either sleeping or the thoughts of wishing I was sleeping. Today was no different. I slept late for the first time in days, did homework and went to class. I did pay for parking today and bought a Coke to stay awake during my boring Econ class: $6.25

January 27, 2008

Working Girl

Not much consumption took place today aside from the everyday electricity and what not. I spent most of the day either sleeping or working. I bought a salad at work for dinner but I don’t really feel like a consumer when I get food from work. I obviously have to pay for it but it’s more of a convenience thing and expense because I get a fifty percent discount. Also because I’m there so much it kind of just feels like I’m eating at home sometimes : $4

Computer Free Saturday

I was not around a computer all day yesterday. First time that’s happened in a while. I guess that will happen when you work a 10 hour shift and then go out right afterwards. So yesterday…let’s see. I worked all day and had lunch (Chicken Fajita Wrap) and a sugar free Red Bull to keep me awake: $6

The hockey game was on while I was finishing my shift which of course meant the sound was on in the bar (I work at Library Bar in Dinkytown for those that don’t know). My ears are constantly bombarded by commercials as the sound always seems to get louder when they come on. The only commercials that ever catch my attention are the ones with music. This is true even when I’m sitting in front of the TV. Commercials with a good song seem to be about the only ones I can enjoy.

After work I stopped at SuperAmerica for dinner: frozen pizza, more red bull, and cookies. The cookies were not an intended item of purchase but they always seem to put the bakery stuff right in front of the main door and always so brightly lit. I can never help but go look. 2 for 89 cents? Why wouldn’t I buy them? Though I did feel guilty at the time and that it was a bad idea…I did it anyway: $15

I went out to the VFW for some good ol fashion karaoke. A good time, some drinks (most not paid by me as my friends owed me money), and a cab ride home: $11

January 25, 2008

Early Morning Fridays...Ish

Have just returned home from class. My last semester of college and my first Friday class ever...and it's at 830 am. Perfect. (That is just entirely too early for me as I am much more of a night owl than a morning person). I decided coffee was in order, especially after hearing out prof was running late. The basement of Wilson for Dunn Bros. Of course they had it set up so you have to walk past all the food before ordering your coffee. The delicious looking apple fritters were to much for me to pass up so I had to get one. Medium white mocha and apple fritter : $5

Our Travels prof kindly already ordered our books for us so we just had to pay him for the book : $15

Anne and I rode together to class this morning. We, of course, argued (purely out of love obviously) about which way was faster to get there continuing the same discussion as two days ago. Yay for car pool parking (and Anne paying $1) : $1.50

Kate and Newton

As I happily spent the afternoon cleaning my apartment all the while listening to music, it occurred to me that I should probably mention one obsessive consumption as of lately. I am always listening to music and lately the only two artists I have been listening to are Kate Voegele and Newton Faulkner. I mention this for the reason that I have been listening to both of them via myspace. Each have about five songs on their sites. Myspace music works in a wonderful way: IT'S FREE! Which is great for the listener but also works to the advantage of the artist because it's kind of a teaser to the listener. I want to go buy both CD's now because the songs are so good. Nearly everytime I go to their pages now I unintentionally end up reading their bios, shows, and what not. Seriously...nearly every time I go! Its free promotion for the artist and free music for me! The best of both worlds. I only mention this now because I seriously have been listening to all 10 songs on repeat for about a week straight now. Amazing new music : FREE!


It's been a very long and exhausting day. I slept little trying to finish my first project of the semester. I was running late to class this morning so i paid for parking (my excuse nearly every day but it helps me justify the cost to myself) : $3.75

I had to finish my project which of course meant printing and mounting: $2.13

I hadn't eaten all day so during break in GD 4 I ate a Twix and some animal crackers: $1.65

January 24, 2008

Caffeine Addiction

On my way to work today I decided to stop at Dunn Brothers and purchase myself a medium White Mocha. I want to stop every day on my way to work but never have the time. Today I found the time and was quite excited about the purchase: $4

January 23, 2008

Joyous Lunch

I just returned from having lunch with my friend Joy. We studied abroad together in London and I haven't seen her since October! It was so good to see her and catch up. We enjoyed lunch at the French Meadow Bakery. I had a delicious Mango Chicken sandwich and of course a Coke: $10.87

On the way home I decided to stop for gas because I was nearing a quarter of a tank and I always get nervous that my gas is going to freeze when it's this cold out! So I stopped at BP (it was the first gas station I passed) and filled up: $32.56 (I hate how expensive gas is)

I hate Chase

Let it be no secret…I spent money like nobodies business. It’s not to say that I can afford to but I can always find a way to justify it to myself without feeling ridiculously guilty…most of the time. I mention this only to those that might actually be reading this as a simple request– don’t judge me. I know I live a pretty frivolous lifestyle considering I’m still in college. My brother reminds me every chance he gets that I am absolutely terrible with money. I still find a way to pay my bills and rent and everything else important so I figure it’s gotta be okay somehow. So fine. There’s that secret out of the way.

After my first class back to school (might I add my last first class of the semester ever!) it was definitely time for some food and catching up with friends. Lunch time included a rather dry sub from Subway, a Coke as a source of energy, cookies because they looked delicious (which they were), and a pack of gum to hide the onion breath as a result of my sub: $9

On a completely random note- but somewhat relevant, I would like to now state my current hate for the credit card company Chase. I found a fraudulent charge on my account today, as I haven’t used that credit card in literally months. I called the company and they said I would have to call the company that charged me, find out how they got my information and receive a refund from them. Yea, good luck with that Whitney. Rumor on the street has it that the company that charged me has several law suits in action against them for similar things. Scam company entirely I guess. It was 90 dollars, I guess I’m gonna have to cave and pay the fee. I can’t afford a lawyer.

January 2, 2008

I love food

The longer this blog continues the more I realize that a great deal of my money is spent on food. I paid for parking again this morning but it was car pool parking again so it was only 2.50. I had to run several errands after class which included buying my very expensive econ book ($98) and I decided to get Panda Express for lunch while I was in the union because I had been craving it for quite some time and it would save me time from cooking lunch so I would have time to take a nap before work. : $106.50

Work becomes a very long shift and it’s almost inevitable that I will be ravenous by about 9 pm. Eating one meal a day at 1pm and not eating again can make a girl very hungry. Sometimes I am allowed to eat at work. Tonight was one of those nights luckily. Yummy T.B.A and fries were munched on between tables: $4