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February 27, 2008

Final Entry

I’m beginning to realize that my consumption has a lot to do with how much or little time I have. And it seems with me I never have enough time. I had intended to do a lot more than I actually got done today but I ran out of time and spent most of the day on homework again. I did get a chance to run to the Library to pick up some lunch. I didn’t have anything in the apartment that I wanted to eat and getting food from the Lib is cheap and easy (and pretty tasty). I then spent more time doing homework and then headed to work for the night. This may seem a little off topic, but I had someone (he was a gentlemen in his late 20’s probably) dine and dash on me tonight. He left behind a $65 dollar tab that I was then forced to pay because it is seen as my fault. How can anyone do that? I don’t understand how you can have a conscience and eat and drink all of this stuff and think it’s acceptable to walk away without paying. Needless to say I am quite perturbed by the situation. I would never walk into Target, fill up my shopping cart and think about walking out the front door. That’s called stealing! It’s illegal! And so is this but unfortunately he wasn’t caught. : $5

February 26, 2008

One Tree Hill

Typical Tuesday again. I paid for parking in St. P. I wasn’t particularly hungry so I decided to just eat a Poptart for lunch. I had 9 straight hours of class and homework today. I was extremely exhausted when I got home so I sat and watched One Tree Hill before getting back to homework. I didn’t watch any of the commercials as I was trying to make dinner during them. I sat and did homework the rest of the night. Little consuming was done all day. : $5

February 25, 2008

Econ Midterm

I had to work today for Emily (my life is so exciting sometimes). I watched a lot of CNN with subtitles at work today. I hate watching the news. It’s so depressing. Two children were kidnapped, a teenager was killed in school for being openly gay, etc. I wish the headlines read “Millions survive day!? After work was done, I ate lunch there. I then went to the Purple Onion for a Latte and to study for my midterm. : $8

Econ Midterm

I had to work today for Emily (my life is so exciting sometimes). I watched a lot of CNN with subtitles at work today. I hate watching the news. It’s so depressing. Two children were kidnapped, a teenager was killed in school for being openly gay, etc. I wish the headlines read “Millions survive day!? After work was done, I ate lunch there. I then went to the Purple Onion for a Latte and to study for my midterm. : $8

February 24, 2008

I work too much

Surprise Surprise, I had to work again today. Only for a few hours though, which was nice for a change. I got home from work and never left the house again. I watched a little TV but mostly did homework and fought the urge to take a nap or just go to be ridiculously early. I did watch a bit of the Oscar’s but wasn’t that interested so I didn’t pay much attention really. : $0

February 23, 2008

European Night

I got to spend another joyous day working. How exciting for me. I didn’t have time to stop for coffee which made me sad. I got done with work and went to dinner at Punch because I had been craving real Italian pizza for weeks. I enjoyed an Italian beer with my pizza because it only seemed right. It was everything I had been craving and more! We then went to Gastof’s for Amy’s birthday. We took a cab there and few of the girls had cash so I ended up paying $9 but didn’t have to pay for anything on the way home. I had only one beer while there (they are ginormous after all) which was $10. I was starving again on the way home and got some Milio’s. Yum. A fun night all in all : $35

February 22, 2008

Parking Ramps are expensive

Running a little late, and with no other convenient options, I decided to park in the parking ramp. Not the most economical choice, but I didn’t want to risk getting a ticket at a meter. I went to the gym afterwards where Katie paid for parking. I then worked all night. Oh joy : $7

February 21, 2008


I always get excited when I leave early enough for class to stop for coffee! I stopped on the way to St Paul for a bagel with cream cheese and a coffee from Brueger’s. Parking was paid for in St. P as well. : $8.50

Last night at work a friend of mine had the cutest winter coat on. I fell in love immediately, and then she told me she paid only 8.98 for it!! She got it from Steve and Barry’s (kind of weird) but it’s the new Sarah Jessica Parker Line Bitten. She told me to go buy it. So tonight I did! I went to Steve and Barry’s and the WHOLE store was $8.98!! I ended up buying two winter coats, a vest, a pair of shoes, and a sweatshirt for $45! I can’t believe I didn’t buy more to be honest. Usually stuff that is that cheap is so sketchy that you don’t even want to buy it. But there was something about the credibility of Sarah Jessica Parker and the design of everything was so cute! Even her logo is nice! Definitely one of the greatest shopping experiences ever! : $45

February 20, 2008

Econ is dumb

Nearly my entire day today was spent working on my econ assignment that had to be turned in before I went to work at 5. It took far longer than I had expected it to. Listened to my itunes the whole time, dropped it off at Heller Hall and went to work. I realized tonight that I do watch a lot of Sports Center while at work…however, it’s always on mute and there is no caption. So there’s that I guess : $0

February 19, 2008

Mom's Bday

Much of today was dedicated to finishing my project for GD IV. I finished just in the nick of time leaving me no time to eat all day which would usually be my subway lunch day. I instead purchased a powerade and pop-tart from the vending machines and paid for my printing at splash, as well as my parking in st paul : $10.25

(Happy Birthday Mom!)

February 18, 2008

Splurchase Day

I went on my 2 dollar shopping spree. Target is the devil. That’s my conclusion with that. I was meant to strictly stick to just buying my one item. Nope…of course I ended up buying more! Even from the DVD section which I shouldn’t have been anywhere close to! The 6th season of Friends (I have 5 and 7…does 6 just make sense to buy?), the Jack Johnson CD that I’ve heard rave reviews about, Peppermint Patties which I seem to have become addicted to lately, deodorant and a birthday card for my mom all found their way into my basket. : $35

February 17, 2008


Today was a recovery day. A bit too much fun was had last night. I laid on the couch for nearly the entire afternoon watching movies on TBS. Random movies I haven’t seen in a long time so they are fun to watch again – Murder at 1600, Legend of Bagger Vance, John Q. At the end of every movie I said I was going to get up and do something, but the stupid little box at the bottom would say what movie was playing next and it kept me hooked! I didn’t watch the commercials and did some reading instead. I hate commercials. : $0

February 16, 2008

Tera's Big Day...a day early

Another long Saturday afternoon of work. I dashed home and got ready to go out to dinner for Tera’s birthday! We went to the Town Talk Dinner on East Lake. It was a really good time. The atmosphere of the place was really cool. I had a Finnigan’s because few places carry it. For dinner I enjoyed some amazing cheese curds, frickles, their “Kitchen Sink Burger? (which was amazing) and some garlic and herb fries. We split dinner evenly and wouldn’t let Tera pay. Afterwards we went out for drinks at CC Club and the Red Dragon. All in all a very fun night: $70

February 15, 2008


Today’s present was to wake up to find an email saying I didn’t have class! How exciting to get to go back to bed at 8 am. I slept most of the afternoon and then went to work. What a thrilling day : $0

February 14, 2008

Bah Humbug

Ish…Valentine’s Day. Today is by far my least favorite holiday. Seeing that I only had one class today I decided to take a gamble and not pay for parking and park in the one hour area. Hooray for not getting a ticket. I went to Katie’s to watch Lost and then a few of us played some shuffle board at the Herkimer and then we went and played darts and Williams. Fun but pretty uneventful. : $9

February 13, 2008

Errands Errands Errands

My neck is still not feeling so well today I decided to take the day off of work. I spent the day running errands. I joined the Y in Uptown because it’s close to my apartment and parking is much easier than around the rec. A 3 month student rate membership: $115

My next stop was Target. This is never a good idea when I feel like I sort of have any money. I bought some V-day candy for myself (the stupid display was of course the first thing upon entering), a scale because I just joined the gym and I feel like I should own one of those now, Across the Universe (Mommy sent me $$ for Vday so this was her present to me), a heating pad to help heal my neck, seasons 6 and 7 of Friends, and a few other misc items for a grand total of 140…lucky I had a $75 gift cert from Christmas so my total was only : $65

I went to Rainbow after Target and got some much needed groceries. I won’t bore you with the details of every item I bought. Special attention was given to popsicles- an unintended purchase item but were stumbled upon and bought on an impulse. Everything else was pretty much accounted for ahead of time : $70

February 12, 2008

Tuesdays find me bored

Another predictable Tuesday. Subway, cookie, and a sparkling lemon water for lunch. I bought some Twizzlers for a snack between classes. Who knew you could such a big bag for only $1.25? Later I went to the Dinkytowner for a drink with Katie and Steph. : $20

February 11, 2008

Coffee Monday

I spent most of the day working on homework around the apartment. I got sick of sitting at my apartment and wanted to avoid rush hour so I decided to head to campus early, get some coffee, and do some more homework. I paid for parking by the Mariucci lots so I could get coffee somewhere around there. I was deciding between going to Starbucks and Espresso Expose. I have a gift card for Starbucks but decided on Espresso Expose because I like the atmosphere there better and I always feel like a tool going to Starbucks. : $7.50

February 10, 2008

Sunday Funday

Today began very exciting...a work cleaning meeting. Ugh. Lunch was consumed after the meeting - a patty melt. Homework and napping made up most of the rest of the day. : $4

I just got home from Into The Wild with Tera. First it was at the Riverview...which I have never been to before and is a really cool theater. Second, the movie was amazing! The story, which was based on a true story, was just incredible and the cinematography was even more amazing. The film really makes you think about your life style and all the things we assume that we need but we really dont. I would vow to change my lifestyle immediately and throw away all of my posessions, but that would last for about a day. I do hope that it can eventually have an impact on my spending habits and my views of what i want versus what I actually need. : $3

February 9, 2008


Today should have been another typical Saturday. I stopped at Bruegers on my way to work for breakfast (a cream cheese bagel and coffee) and lunch (a herby turkey, my favorite and only sandwich i ever eat from Bruegers). After about an hour at work, I managed to mess up my neck...again. Back to square one with the healing process and was sent home. So I've spent the entire day angry at the world becuase I'm hurt again. Sleeping and watching movies I already own. How frusterating. : $8

February 8, 2008


Consumption today was again more food. I got Quiznos for lunch because it is right around the corner from my apartment and so delicious. Also getting food for lunch would save me time be able to nap before I went. A yummy Honey Mustard Chicken sub was chosen because I could drink the Honey Mustard sauce. A gatorade was also purchased in effort to avoid drinking soda. The End : $6

February 7, 2008

Fun Thursday

Today consisted of lunch with Anne and Tera at Lori's. Some delicious soup, chai, and a peanut butter cookie all for lunch. Soo good. : $6.50

I met up with some friends after class for happy hour food and a drink at the Herkimer. My food was pre-ordered for me by my friends but was still good. We made it easy on our waitress and split the bill evenly. I will say this though - I realized after ordering that I chose my beer (they brew their own stuff and there are lists on the tables) not just because it was a middle of the road on color but because the logo for it was the first to catch my eye. : $9

After being a studious student and finishing my homework I went out for a few drinks with the same friends as earlier to relax for a while. Drinks were a dollar at Blarneys so Katie picked up the tab. What a good friend : $0

February 6, 2008


I am such a lame person some days. Today consisted of sleeping late, doing homework, and working. I have tried to think of anything unusual that was consumed to but nothing other than the everyday immune stuff. How boring and predictable is my life some days? : $0

February 5, 2008

Super Tuesday

Caucus day has arrived. I am sad to say I did not go vote. I was there in spirit thought. Anne and I browsed the design section and Barnes and Noble today for some inspiration but nothing was purchased...except for a medium latte from starbucks. The rest of the day has consisted of class and homework...weird. : $350

February 4, 2008

Broken Neck

I can actually say that I didn't leave my apartment all day today. I hurt my neck at work last night and could barely get out of bed today. I attempted to find a comfortable position to either sit or lay in all day to make it feel better...nothing worked. I did manage to watch all of the Super Bowl commercials today online though. My favorites included the Audi Godfather, Tide-to-go, and the e-trade commercials. Cost spent today: painful! but priceless $0

February 3, 2008

Super Sunday

Have just returned from another exciting night of work. I'm proud to say that nothing was actually purcahsed today. I watched bits of the Super Bowl during work but not much. I did consume my first ever Fat Tire beer after work which was purcahsed by a co-worker. Not a fan of the beer, its very sweet: $0

February 2, 2008

Target Boutique

I’m beginning to realize that a lot of my purchases are pre-meditated. After a very long 8 hour shift at work, I decided to go to Target. Going to Target is never a good idea for me, especially if I’ve just got done working and know I have a bunch of money on me. I bought the Kate Voegele CD so I don’t have to listen to her on myspace anymore. I realized I had two gift certificates from Christmas and I also realized I didn’t want to move from my couch all night…so I decided to buy Over the Hedge and The Devil Wears Prada. My biggest impulse purchase came when I saw all of the Valentine’s Day decorations hanging in the back of the story. The only good thing that comes from Valentine’s Day is candy! So I bought a bag of Reese’s and Laffy Taffy’s. Hair dye, socks, and a few other misc. items were purchased: a grand total of $80. However, because I used one of my gift certificates, I only paid: $30

February 1, 2008

I love food

The longer this blog continues the more I realize that a great deal of my money is spent on food. I paid for parking again this morning but it was car pool parking again so it was only 2.50. I had to run several errands after class which included buying my very expensive econ book ($98) and I decided to get Panda Express for lunch while I was in the union because I had been craving it for quite some time and it would save me time from cooking lunch so I would have time to take a nap before work. : $106.50

Work becomes a very long shift and it’s almost inevitable that I will be ravenous by about 9 pm. Eating one meal a day at 1pm and not eating again can make a girl very hungry. Sometimes I am allowed to eat at work. Tonight was one of those nights luckily. Yummy T.B.A and fries were munched on between tables: $4