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I love food

The longer this blog continues the more I realize that a great deal of my money is spent on food. I paid for parking again this morning but it was car pool parking again so it was only 2.50. I had to run several errands after class which included buying my very expensive econ book ($98) and I decided to get Panda Express for lunch while I was in the union because I had been craving it for quite some time and it would save me time from cooking lunch so I would have time to take a nap before work. : $106.50

Work becomes a very long shift and it’s almost inevitable that I will be ravenous by about 9 pm. Eating one meal a day at 1pm and not eating again can make a girl very hungry. Sometimes I am allowed to eat at work. Tonight was one of those nights luckily. Yummy T.B.A and fries were munched on between tables: $4