February 2, 2008

Target Boutique

I’m beginning to realize that a lot of my purchases are pre-meditated. After a very long 8 hour shift at work, I decided to go to Target. Going to Target is never a good idea for me, especially if I’ve just got done working and know I have a bunch of money on me. I bought the Kate Voegele CD so I don’t have to listen to her on myspace anymore. I realized I had two gift certificates from Christmas and I also realized I didn’t want to move from my couch all night…so I decided to buy Over the Hedge and The Devil Wears Prada. My biggest impulse purchase came when I saw all of the Valentine’s Day decorations hanging in the back of the story. The only good thing that comes from Valentine’s Day is candy! So I bought a bag of Reese’s and Laffy Taffy’s. Hair dye, socks, and a few other misc. items were purchased: a grand total of $80. However, because I used one of my gift certificates, I only paid: $30