February 7, 2008

Fun Thursday

Today consisted of lunch with Anne and Tera at Lori's. Some delicious soup, chai, and a peanut butter cookie all for lunch. Soo good. : $6.50

I met up with some friends after class for happy hour food and a drink at the Herkimer. My food was pre-ordered for me by my friends but was still good. We made it easy on our waitress and split the bill evenly. I will say this though - I realized after ordering that I chose my beer (they brew their own stuff and there are lists on the tables) not just because it was a middle of the road on color but because the logo for it was the first to catch my eye. : $9

After being a studious student and finishing my homework I went out for a few drinks with the same friends as earlier to relax for a while. Drinks were a dollar at Blarneys so Katie picked up the tab. What a good friend : $0