February 10, 2008

Sunday Funday

Today began very exciting...a work cleaning meeting. Ugh. Lunch was consumed after the meeting - a patty melt. Homework and napping made up most of the rest of the day. : $4

I just got home from Into The Wild with Tera. First it was at the Riverview...which I have never been to before and is a really cool theater. Second, the movie was amazing! The story, which was based on a true story, was just incredible and the cinematography was even more amazing. The film really makes you think about your life style and all the things we assume that we need but we really dont. I would vow to change my lifestyle immediately and throw away all of my posessions, but that would last for about a day. I do hope that it can eventually have an impact on my spending habits and my views of what i want versus what I actually need. : $3