February 21, 2008


I always get excited when I leave early enough for class to stop for coffee! I stopped on the way to St Paul for a bagel with cream cheese and a coffee from Brueger’s. Parking was paid for in St. P as well. : $8.50

Last night at work a friend of mine had the cutest winter coat on. I fell in love immediately, and then she told me she paid only 8.98 for it!! She got it from Steve and Barry’s (kind of weird) but it’s the new Sarah Jessica Parker Line Bitten. She told me to go buy it. So tonight I did! I went to Steve and Barry’s and the WHOLE store was $8.98!! I ended up buying two winter coats, a vest, a pair of shoes, and a sweatshirt for $45! I can’t believe I didn’t buy more to be honest. Usually stuff that is that cheap is so sketchy that you don’t even want to buy it. But there was something about the credibility of Sarah Jessica Parker and the design of everything was so cute! Even her logo is nice! Definitely one of the greatest shopping experiences ever! : $45