February 27, 2008

Final Entry

I’m beginning to realize that my consumption has a lot to do with how much or little time I have. And it seems with me I never have enough time. I had intended to do a lot more than I actually got done today but I ran out of time and spent most of the day on homework again. I did get a chance to run to the Library to pick up some lunch. I didn’t have anything in the apartment that I wanted to eat and getting food from the Lib is cheap and easy (and pretty tasty). I then spent more time doing homework and then headed to work for the night. This may seem a little off topic, but I had someone (he was a gentlemen in his late 20’s probably) dine and dash on me tonight. He left behind a $65 dollar tab that I was then forced to pay because it is seen as my fault. How can anyone do that? I don’t understand how you can have a conscience and eat and drink all of this stuff and think it’s acceptable to walk away without paying. Needless to say I am quite perturbed by the situation. I would never walk into Target, fill up my shopping cart and think about walking out the front door. That’s called stealing! It’s illegal! And so is this but unfortunately he wasn’t caught. : $5