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Four detained for investigation of Brazil nightclub fire

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Authorities arrested four men on Monday to hold for the investigation of the Brazilian nightclub fire that killed 232 people and injured another 130, news sources report.

The co-owners of the nightclub were detained along with two of the performers whose pyrotechnics show caused the inferno, according to the Wall Street Journal.

The preliminary investigation said that the pyrotechnics of the band performing in the club set off a fire that many were unable to escape from due to the complete lack of emergency exits, USA Today reported. Those in the club had to push past the security guards and through the only door in the entire building.

Funerals took place on Monday for what was one of the largest nightclub disasters in Brazilian history, news sources report. Further investigation will look into the safety permits on the building, including a fire permit that expired in August, and how the building continued to stay in operation despite safety concerns, according to the Wall Street Journal.

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