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Analysis: Gun control and the Super Bowl

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In the National Public Radio's article, "Gun control battle spills over to Super Bowl ads," the author uses a traditional hard-news lead to focus on the news-worthy elements of the story.

The lead includes the who, what and where of the story while the when, during the Super Bowl, is implied by the article's headline, then specified in the second paragraph. The most detailed items are the who, the Mayors Against Illegal Guns group founded by New York City Mayor Michael Bloomberg, and the what, an ad aired proposing background checks for all gun sales.

These two items are stated with such detail in the lead because they are the most news-worthy aspects of the story. They tell the reader what is most important and significant about this commercial when so many others are aired during the Super Bowl. This particular commercial is a response to the recent Sandy Hook Elementary shootings, an event very much still on the public's mind. By leading with a prominent public group known for being against illegal guns, then stating the content of the commercial, the author allows readers to get a taste of what the story will be focused on without getting into too much detail about why the ad was aired nor how the commercial was portrayed.

Both the how and why logistics of the ad are discussed later in the article when the author describes the ad, links to the video, and brings up the Sandy Hook shootings and President Barak Obama's political opinions of gun control. The traditional news lead gives the reader a sense of what is important about this Super Bowl ad and what is to come in the story without getting into too much detail about the contents and reasons for the ad.

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