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Analysis: Pipeline protest

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In the Washington Post's article, "Pipeline protesters rally in Washington", the author structures the information in a way that provides the basic facts, but not in a traditional inverted pyramid format.

The author begins by stating the who, what, when and where elements of the story in the lead to get the most basic, important information to the reader immediately. The nut graph follows with details on the specific chants of the protesters, however, rather than detailing the specific qualms of the protesters or the purpose of the pipeline.

The story does include the reason the protesters were so passionate about the pipeline plans (they wanted the president to act on his promises from his inaugural speech), but this information does not come until the fifth paragraph. I would have moved that information up farther, along with a statement about what the specific purpose of the pipeline is. The story does finish with a strong kicker, however, in the form of a quote from a protester. The quote ties the goals of the protesters back in with the lead nicely by summarizing the reasons for their protest. Overall, the story has a strong beginning and ending for a news story format, but lacks a traditional organization pattern in the middle.

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