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Analysis: Sourcing coffee enema couple

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ABC New's article "Couple addicted to coffee enemas, up to four times a day" combines the primary sources of the story with additional outside sources to cover the concept on a deeper level.

The author introduces and quotes the primary sources, the Florida couple Mike and Trina, from the second paragraph on in order to use their specific reasons behind their strange habit. All of their opinions and reasoning is attributed back to them (i.e. all paraphrased statements are still attributed to one of the two) so the audience knows the author is not embellishing an already abnormal ritual.The couple does, however, decline to give the author their last name and the author chose not to state why that is.

The article also sources TLC's TV show "My Strange Addiction" because they found the couple originally and the couple will be appearing on the season's premier.

Towards the second half of the article, the author brings in an additional professional outside source to comment on the health benefits, or lack thereof, of the coffee enemas. Dr. Roshini Rajapaksa provides a medical insight to the story that answers the reader's questions about whether or not the couple is right in believing their ritual has health benefits. By adding this source, the article becomes not just a report on a strange event, but a deeper look at the background and potential problems this habit could cause; it answers more of the readers' questions.

The author rounds out the story towards the end with more quotes from the couple on how their life is functioning now and what their future may look like, still constantly attributing their opinions to the people themselves so the author doesn't appear to be exaggerating.

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