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February 27, 2006

February 27

I was at St. Anne's Place for nearly four hours yesterday. It was most enjoyable to say the least. All the kids seem to be ill in some way or another. I wiped more noses yesterday than I swear I ever will in one day. There were two girls there who were best friends until dinnertime. These girls are only about five years old and say things far beyond their years. They were talking about how they give eachother "attitude" and "how they be disrespectin eachother." I couldn't believe my ears. After dinner another volunteer and myself organized craft time while the mothers had group. We had the girls make friendship bracelets so they would remember that they were friends. I had five girls (at one point 6) braiding my hair. They were so thrilled to have someone to play with. I hope all of my volunteering expirences there are more like that. The kids are what make me want to go back more than just on Sundays.

February 22, 2006

February 22

so far with my site i feel fine i suppose is the best word to describe it. i have yet to pull a three hour "shift" of volunteering at St. Anne's Place. Susan March is one of the directors over there and she's been really easy to work with and really accomidating to my schedule. The residents seem hesitant to trust or warm up to the volunteers. They almost make me feel like the services provided aren't appreciated or noticed but we stand as more of an inconvinence or a burden to them. I've been shot looks that seem like, "you think you can come in here and fix me and my problems?" Skoffs really. In our contract we aren't allowed to delve into any personal stories or testimonies. We can't share any infromation about ourselves or our lives which will make it difficult to make a connection. We'll see though. I have high hopes.

February 14, 2006

february 13

i'm thinking of comparing Urban Injustice and the article posted on UThink about the Jewish Communities in North Minneapolis. Both of these articles give a sensationally and thorough overview of the effects of the ghettos. they are both very eloquently written peices and give a great slate in which to work off. they provide quite different tales to and points of view to the ghetto and the cultures that came from the ghettos.

February 6, 2006

february 6

throughout reading these pieces i noticed a variety of differences between what north minneapolis was like then and what is like today. it seems as thought we've lost bits of our culture overtime which is to be expected. some loss is a gain for us such as mentioned in 'hellhole' of the spanking of students by the principal. some has stayed the same such as folks milling around the city like uncle dixie. i found both of these stories to be quite intreguing. mostly because i'd never really learned anything about them. hellhole focused more on one testimony and one take, one tale, and coincidently it wasn't so 'hellish', but jewish community ventured out into vessles and history spouts into the jewish interworkings.
jewish community brought up taboo topics such as the holocaust. it is strange to hear another side of the story and hearing names of streets you can picure now and understand that they're nothing like they used to be. i wonder what the residents of north minneapolis then would think of north minneapolis now.