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February 27

I was at St. Anne's Place for nearly four hours yesterday. It was most enjoyable to say the least. All the kids seem to be ill in some way or another. I wiped more noses yesterday than I swear I ever will in one day. There were two girls there who were best friends until dinnertime. These girls are only about five years old and say things far beyond their years. They were talking about how they give eachother "attitude" and "how they be disrespectin eachother." I couldn't believe my ears. After dinner another volunteer and myself organized craft time while the mothers had group. We had the girls make friendship bracelets so they would remember that they were friends. I had five girls (at one point 6) braiding my hair. They were so thrilled to have someone to play with. I hope all of my volunteering expirences there are more like that. The kids are what make me want to go back more than just on Sundays.