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february 6

throughout reading these pieces i noticed a variety of differences between what north minneapolis was like then and what is like today. it seems as thought we've lost bits of our culture overtime which is to be expected. some loss is a gain for us such as mentioned in 'hellhole' of the spanking of students by the principal. some has stayed the same such as folks milling around the city like uncle dixie. i found both of these stories to be quite intreguing. mostly because i'd never really learned anything about them. hellhole focused more on one testimony and one take, one tale, and coincidently it wasn't so 'hellish', but jewish community ventured out into vessles and history spouts into the jewish interworkings.
jewish community brought up taboo topics such as the holocaust. it is strange to hear another side of the story and hearing names of streets you can picure now and understand that they're nothing like they used to be. i wonder what the residents of north minneapolis then would think of north minneapolis now.