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March 27, 2006

march 27

the topic that i am exploring is single parenthood primarily among homelessness. i volunteer at st anne's place where i work with homeless women and their children, and i want to delve into their expirences and show what struggles they've had to overcome and how homelessness has effected the relationship beteween single parent and child.
i want to learn about the education they were offered about protecting themselves from being pregnant and why they are on their own, without help.
this topic is directly linked to my site, that's what sparked my interest in this topic. there is such a concentrated population of single parenthood in north minneapolis and i am having no problems with the women and children at my site sharing their expirences, they are my best resource.

March 20, 2006

march 20

my site is still going really well. unfortunately i've been ill since just before spring break began, so the last time i volunteered, i didn't really have contact with anyone. i am anxious to get well so i can see those kids again.
i am concerned because the family i did my interview with, may not be there the next time i go. their time in st. anne's place is drawing to a close so they have to re-apply for residence. i didn't think i would find myself so attached to these families as i have noticed i am. i think i am discovering my purpose for being at st. anne's place. only time will tell if to them, it has been worthwhile.

March 6, 2006

March 6

At St. Anne's Place, things are going really well. I so far have mostly worked with the little girls of the shelter and it has been a delight. The hardest part of volunteering always for me seems to be when time comes to leave. I say goodbye then sit in my car for about ten minutes and process what I've just seen. Trying to understand such a complex situation is far beyond me . I haven't been able to deliberately ask my questions for essay 3 but something one of the girls said (which i will be incorporating into my essay) was that she didn't have a real house. She is only five years old and understands that she has no real place to call her own. It's frusterating to know that soon these children will be back out on the streets while their mothers search high and low for affordable housing and a job. The pressure that they must feel and the blank stares so many of the mothers give, makes your heart go right out to them.