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April 10, 2006

april 10

this course directly relates to my site. i have discovered through st. anne's what it is to serve. i believe that it is an offer and recieve deal. i will retract my previous statement in my first essay that says it's possible to serve with a complete feeling of selflessness. either way, you get the rush that is offering a hand and someone there to recieve it. at st. anne's there are many hands to help, not all hands that are greatful of your servitude. i enjoy working with the people at st. anne's but there has been times when i feel i've wasted time there. there are mothers that have no intention to get themselves and their children out of homlessness, which makes me feel like my time there is useless. but you have to have hope that something will snap in them that makes them want to get out there and do something, and hopefully i will be a witness to that change. that's mostly what ties in from my site to this class. change. watching change, being a part of change. positive evolution of a city and it's condition. cleaning things up while keeping the culture.

April 3, 2006

week 11

i love my site. there hasn't been anything new since i was there last due to a much needed vacation. although i must comment on the fact that being in nyc seeing every single church step occupied by someone homeless made me think of my site even on vacation. the realities of homelessness is far more apparent there than here i think. and much to my surprise i wasn't bothered once for change or anything there. i've been there a thousand times so i guess i'm starting to get used to the street dwellers there. which is sort of depressing in retrospect.
i am volunteering an additional nine hours at my site which i'm not sure is thrilling or if it will just wear me out. there is one family there that has been at st anne's since i began. i am worried that if she's not on her feet by now, she wont ever get out there. this worries me.