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Environment: Religious or not?

With nature and religion so intertwined with some people, it is hard to imagine that there are people out there who don’t have the same viewpoint. I am one of those people. I don’t take it as far as saying that nature can’t exist without religion, but I don’t think that there is absolute proof to point to religion being directly related to nature.

With all of the environmentalists running around these days, it is hard for me to get a good hold on what I should believe about the environment. I was raised in a family that doesn’t go to church, but has a deep respect for nature because it provides freedom from everyday life. Don’t get me wrong, I am no tree hugger who is going to go live in a tree to stop a guy from cutting it down. That’s just unreasonable. But I do admit that there are many things wrong with the way that the environment is handled by all walks of life.

Humans have roamed the earth far shorter than most other animals. Humans have used nature from the beginning, as godlike figures, so I guess early humans were the first forms of environmentalists, protecting and harboring what was best for their surroundings. But as humans adapted to new surroundings, they used their surroundings to make new advancements, be it cutting down a forest, or killing animals for food.

Now with all of the technical advances it is hard to tell what the right thing to do with the environment is. There are several groups dedicated to this exact task, none of which have come up with a solution that would appease all the religious groups or the conservative groups that are fighting for the “correct? (i.e. their way) to solve the environmental issues.

These guys look like they want to help.
Are you an Environmentalist or a "Tree Hugger?"

Here are a few photos that are enticing.


After reading a group of similar sites, I believe that your info was perfect explanation for the topic, offering quick learning and adaptability.

I liked that poem from the link. "Are you a tree hugger or an environmentalist". It addressed some important issues like population growth and deforestation. My favorite stanzas were:

"To squeeze more food from shrinking land, they're cutting down the trees.
Can YOU tell them how to live - - in cold, how not to freeze?

No matter how you twist and turn, the problem's still the same,
If trees are cut and species die where can you cast the blame? "

Thanks for the link.