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Nature in the City

With the way that Couturier writes about interaction with nature, I think she has the best idea of what it is really supposed to be. Her idea is the most modern and most easily comprehensible way of looking at nature. When she quoted her professor, and his way of describing the nature of New York with a “capitol N?, it struck me with a power that I have only felt a few other times while reading a book or essay about nature, the environment, or even fiction.

I really liked the analogy of the ant hill that her professor made as well. To think that a colony of ants is almost directly similar to the way people of New York interact with each other and deal with their day to day lives struck me as fascinating. I would have never thought to relate anything of such magnitude (New York) to something that is so small (ant hill).

When Couturier talks about the sixth sense that “New Yorkers? have, it kind of boggled my mind that she was actually talking about watching rats or mice in the subway stations. But I guess that makes sense because they are attuned to their surroundings far better than we. When she watches the mice scurry away from a doughnut or candy bar, to pick up on the fact that the train is coming is something that is picked up from watching the animals do what they are best at.

With all of this talk of nature is a big city, it makes me think that nature truly can exist anywhere that it chooses. Yes, I say chooses. I believe that nature has its own free will. Plants and animals go where they choose and how they choose. But I believe that they also do this out of necessity and ease. The birds of the story did not have to stay with the crazy lady they could have left at any time, but the ease of food and the necessity of shelter caused them to stay. When the old lady left the building and the birds followed here, it was because it was the easiest way for them to get a meal. The co-existence of nature and humanity is a thin line that I think get crossed every day and then redrawn to a different set of guidelines for everyone. It all balances out in the end.

Here is your city wildlife.

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