Why Obama Can't Solve Equality

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Nick Gillepsie, a journalist for The Daily Beast, wrote an article the day before president Obama's State of the Union Address. Gillepsie's article had a perceived goal of predicting the emphasis the president will have on focusing our economy's efforts to bridge the gap of income and its relation to economic mobility. The reason I say "perceived goal" is because I feel that Gillepsie just included this aspect of the president in order to bash him and earn attention of his readers. Yes, Gillepsie did prove a point that the president continually brings up this idea of a income gap and economic mobility. And yes, Gillepsie proved that the relationship the president is trying to prove is very weak. However, Gillepsie only focused his article on this topic for the first half of it. He used a deceptive tactic of making his readers buy into his preaching's, so he could use the rest of his article to bash Obama and many programs and plans that he has put into place. Gillepsie is known as a libertarian, something I share with him, but even I could see through his scheme and see exactly what he was doing in his piece. If it wasn't for the amount of dissection I did on it, I may too have been tricked into buying into all of the things Gillepsie was campaigning. I commend his tactics, because he did make a convincing argument, but I think at the end of the day, he was writing a piece to boast the right side and break down Obama.


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