Fulton Brewery opens downtown

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Five years ago in a one-stall garage in the Fulton neighborhood of Minneapolis, four friends huddled together as they brewed their first batch of beer.
Now the Fulton Brewery opens its doors for business in the Warehouse District downtown.
"It's our dream to fruition in a way," said co-founder of Fulton Beer Jim Diley, according to the MN Daily. "We always said we wanted to build a brewery in Minneapolis."
Gov. Mark Dayton signed into law the "Surly Bill," which allowed the Minneapolis City Council to pass ordinances making it legal for breweries to sell their products on location.
After starting out in that one-stall garage, Fulton Beer upgraded to a two-stall garage, and now resides in their new downtown warehouse location.
"It's very surreal to think that two years ago, we hadn't sold a pint," Diley said. "And now we've built this brewery, we're selling beer out of it, and now we're about to open our doors to the public."
The grand opening of the Fulton Brewery was Friday, Nov. 18.
"We just want to keep brewing good beer, introducing people to craft beer and the rest will take care of itself," Diley said. "It's such an honor to be able to brew beer and have people respond in a positive way."

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