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Bomb squads safely diffused two WWII-era explosives, allowing 45,000 evacuated residents of Koblenz, Germany to return home.
Hundreds of volunteers helped to evacuate two hospitals and seven senior living facilities, among the tens of thousands of evacuees.
"It's the largest German evacuation since the end of the war," says Ronald Eppelsheim, fire brigade spokesman, according to CNN.
The 65-year-old bombs were discovered when the water levels of the Rhine River dropped low enough to uncover the explosives.
The fire brigade constructed a wall of 2500 sandbags to drain the area of the river to allow the bomb-disposal squad to accept the bombs.
Last year, a bomb exploded in the German town Gottingen, killing three members of a bomb-disposal squad.

An 8th grader is suing a Pennsylvania private residential school for discrimination after being denied admission because he has HIV.
The boy is alleging that the Milton Hershey School in Hershey, Pennsylvania has violated multiple anti-descrimination laws that protect people who are HIV-positive.
"This young man is a motivated, intelligent kid who poses no health risk to other students, but is being denied an educational opportunity because of ignorance and fear about HIV and AIDS," says Ronda B. Goldfein, an attorney for the boy, according to CNN.
In response to the lawsuit, the school is seeking a federal court review of its decision to deny enrollment to the boy.
Spokes woman for the school, Connie McNamara, told CNN, "We believe we made the right, legal decision under the law."

Cain suspends presidential bid

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Presidential candidate Herman Cain announces in a press conference Saturday that he will be suspending his campaign.
This comes after yet another woman came forward with allegations of extra-marital affairs involving Cain, allegations he continues to call "false and untrue."
"I am not going to be silenced and I will not go away," says Cain, according to CNN, who announced a new website,, that will continue to advocate his platform.
Cain's poll numbers took a sharp drop over the past few weeks as multiple women made accusations against him of unwanted sexual advances, causing him to re-evaluate his run for the presidency.
He says that he will be giving his endorsement to another Republican candidate soon.

The Osseo School District has changed their policy on some science experiments after one student was severely burned on Thursday.
15-year-old Dane Neuberger is recovering at Hennepin County Medical Center from second-degree burns to his face.
"It's better today. At least I can recognize myself," Neuberger says, according to KARE-11.
In what was supposed to be a routine methane experiment, Neuberger was burned when flames shot toward him when the teacher ignited the gas.
A spokesperson for the school district says they have suspended any experiments involving methane for the time being.
Although the science teacher did not want to comment on the events, one parent told KARE-11 that he was a "terrific teacher."

Three of four students are released from Hennepin County Medical Center after a science experiment gone wrong thursday morning.
Laurel Anderson, principal of Maple Grove Junior High says the four 9th graders were burned in an accident involving a flammable gas and nearby papers that apparently caught on fire.
Two students, who didn't witness the accident, told KARE 11 that they heard the teacher was performing an experiment that involved igniting methane.
The school district did not confirm that report.
The victims' injuries ranged from mild to severe burns, but none were considered life-threatening.
The rest of the students in the classroom were not injured.

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