Student with HIV sues private residential school for denied admission

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An 8th grader is suing a Pennsylvania private residential school for discrimination after being denied admission because he has HIV.
The boy is alleging that the Milton Hershey School in Hershey, Pennsylvania has violated multiple anti-descrimination laws that protect people who are HIV-positive.
"This young man is a motivated, intelligent kid who poses no health risk to other students, but is being denied an educational opportunity because of ignorance and fear about HIV and AIDS," says Ronda B. Goldfein, an attorney for the boy, according to CNN.
In response to the lawsuit, the school is seeking a federal court review of its decision to deny enrollment to the boy.
Spokes woman for the school, Connie McNamara, told CNN, "We believe we made the right, legal decision under the law."

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This is really a bright case of segregation and I do not see how it is happening, as we live in times, where getting information about HIV and the way it spreads is easily accessible. I am also hoping that the desicion taken in this case is in the name of the kid!

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