WWII bombs defused allowing 45,000 evacuated residents to return

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Bomb squads safely diffused two WWII-era explosives, allowing 45,000 evacuated residents of Koblenz, Germany to return home.
Hundreds of volunteers helped to evacuate two hospitals and seven senior living facilities, among the tens of thousands of evacuees.
"It's the largest German evacuation since the end of the war," says Ronald Eppelsheim, fire brigade spokesman, according to CNN.
The 65-year-old bombs were discovered when the water levels of the Rhine River dropped low enough to uncover the explosives.
The fire brigade constructed a wall of 2500 sandbags to drain the area of the river to allow the bomb-disposal squad to accept the bombs.
Last year, a bomb exploded in the German town Gottingen, killing three members of a bomb-disposal squad.

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