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Finishing up

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Frog cake.jpg

With most of the project done and we put on the finishing touches. Team leader,Hannah, prepares a (unique) cake for us. It's been a long road but we are almost done.

Mac and Cake.jpg

I feel this photo describes the team best. If only Eric was here. :(

Beware! The infection is here:
poster progression.png


Mac's To-do-list

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This is just a general list of jobs I had to do over the course of the project:

  • Write monologues for the scientists
  • Work on story progression-branches
  • Made a list of rooms/spaces/hallways with Becky(Master panoweaver) that were going to be used in the game.( Promoted to Apprentice Panoweaver...YAY!)


  • Discuss with team how game will play out
  • Help Becky with stickers(Jumping)
  • Did a walk through of final game,start to finish:
  • Thought of any difficulties players might have(Directions, visibility, availability of rooms, etc)

Create your own room

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We each had the job of creating our own room for Anuramortis.
My room was the Tweed Museum:

Tweed Museum

The room's floor is damp and has turned into a miniature marsh. There are lily pads and tiny fish swimming around. There is huge pine trees growing out of the wall bearing odd slimly cones. The cones attract a lot of bugs. These are great treats for frogs and they love to pluck them when they are full of bugs. There are old painting and exhibits still left very much intact.

Ingredient(Tweed) copy.png

Clickable items:

A painting
A slimy cone-3 but one has something other than bugs.
Inside the slime is an obsidian ring with the engraving :
"G.T. May your love of tea, be a part of your loving memory."

Order of events:
1. There are 3 main items that can be seen.
a. Painting-If click on first will read: "In loving memory of my husband, 1946."
b. Slimy cone-one with a ring in it. It will be shiny to alert players to it. If you click the cone again you obtain the cone. Another cone has a bugs all over it. You can get it if you click again.
c. Knowledge Free-If you click on him, he croaks. If you have a the bug covered cone, the toad will take it and give you a notebook in exchange. Note book has info on tea berries and how they can be used for paint as well as medicinal purposes. Has info on Alice Tweed.
d. Ring-Engraved with "G.T. May your love of tea, be a part of your loving memory."
2. Procedure for beating room:
a. Obtain Engraved ring
b. Obtain bug-coated slime cone
c. Click frog and receive notebook
d. Obtain non-coated slime cone
e. Click on painting and use ring to scrap paint onto the non-coated slime

Personal(Tweed) copy.png

After finding the tea berry. You are contacted by the scientist and told that you should mix it really well and apply it to your infected area. It should begin to relieve joint pain.

This is the completed panorama created by Anne and illustrated by Eric. They did a fantastical job making the room based on my description.

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Game Pitch

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We had to give a game pitch to the team about how we saw the project from our perceptive.


Brain Stormu! Whoosh!

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Brain storm(1).jpg

Brain storm(2).jpg

Mac, Hannah, Becky and Eric below.(Missing Anne)

No zombies.jpg

We we given the assignment of doing a page long brainstorming session about how we envision the project. The themes we had to follow were: It had to be located at UMD, it had to been a post-apocalyptic world and No Zombies.
Here were my general thoughts:

She made sure that was clear...

It would be based on UMD and would play out as a mystery game. It will include journal pages, environments and movies.

The main character's mother is murdered in front of her son. She was a reporter and was investigating into a certain organization. Several months later he takes up her camera and begins to retrace her steps into what led to her death.

Special ability/Unique traits:
See the truth(Insight)
Eyes can play the residue memories of an object as a video

How choice makes character's grow and how each choice has varying outcomes.

Research and more research!

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Over the next couple of class periods we began creating blogs of the things we were interested in interactive media. Our first sort of introduction into this unexplored realm was Project 1: Social Networking Game.

The game's platform was Facebook and it should engage University of Minnesota Duluth students and make use of digital tools. Our directions were:

"Your game could have features of other playful group games from childhood or art processes or adventures or treasure hunts or sports or combat"


This got our brains thinking of how we would prepare for "Anuramortis"

My initial ideas were for a facebook game were:

QrCode Mystery:
At each specified location you can scan a QR code. An each code will give you a digital item and a blurb about the story. At the end if you can guess who did it then you receive a secret back story.

AR Exquiste Corpse:
Have an AR image, then each new passerby can add another image onto the first.(Pre-set or make your own)

Dance off-Pick:
Pick a dance that goes well with a piece of art and do it. Dance in front of Mona Lisa while doing the Bernie.

The Gathering

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After signing up to join the interactive media class no really had any idea what to expect from it. Hannah Bockbrader, Anne Medberry, Becky Mae and later we would be adding Eric Suardi.

It was the gathering of the very best:

We talked about our strengths and weaknesses to better see where we fit within the group.

It will be told in legends that this is where the infection began...

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