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Over the next couple of class periods we began creating blogs of the things we were interested in interactive media. Our first sort of introduction into this unexplored realm was Project 1: Social Networking Game.

The game's platform was Facebook and it should engage University of Minnesota Duluth students and make use of digital tools. Our directions were:

"Your game could have features of other playful group games from childhood or art processes or adventures or treasure hunts or sports or combat"


This got our brains thinking of how we would prepare for "Anuramortis"

My initial ideas were for a facebook game were:

QrCode Mystery:
At each specified location you can scan a QR code. An each code will give you a digital item and a blurb about the story. At the end if you can guess who did it then you receive a secret back story.

AR Exquiste Corpse:
Have an AR image, then each new passerby can add another image onto the first.(Pre-set or make your own)

Dance off-Pick:
Pick a dance that goes well with a piece of art and do it. Dance in front of Mona Lisa while doing the Bernie.

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