Qonqr: Set to dominate apple

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Sixth Grade: An MMO for the Ages

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Innovation in Digital story telling

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Since we are in the business of digital story telling, exploring different examples of the the medium will be a good idea and here are some interesting examples that others have done.


Bear 71


Welcome to Pine Point


QR code fails

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As we are planning on implementing QR codes in our project. This article is a good incentive to pay intention to how we want our QR codes to be presented.



The Choices we make.

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Scenes from heavy rain and the branching of the plot based on your actions.

Choice is the problem

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Storytelling is my calling but sometimes I just want to watch it all unfold and not interfere with its natural course. My favorite kind of genre is RPG. Story driven and intense character interaction is right up my alley. However, a recent trend that has been going around is free choice. This is a big turn from how Japanese rpgs are usually made and America has opted to branch off. American rpgs emphasis free choice and lets you have input in the majority of the plot. Exam of these games are Fallout 3, Skyrim and Mass Effect.

I want to create a world that has a great and immerse story to tell. However, I'm the type of player where choice is very draining on my mind. I don't need every item and every achievement but I do need to know the whole story. So, when developers make games that can span in some many different directions its very difficult at times for me to enjoy.

However, one game that I do seem to enjoy which offers free choice but has strong character development is Deus Ex Machina. It's a game that blends everything I want in a game.

I like the way you move!

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It's always nice seeing game technology being put to use outside their intended purposes. Makes me wonder what other things we could use the Kinect for.

An old dragon with a new coat of paint.

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I enjoy reading up on old games that make a reappearance in today's gaming world. Panzer Dragoon was one of my favorites and it's interesting to see it coming back. I think the biggest challenge to remaking an old game is the implementation of new technology. hopefully, this game will do the series justice.

Link to the article here


Welcome to the Digital World

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Digital Nation link: Here

I thought the video was very interesting and fun to watch. It did drag on a certain points but overall it went well. We are living in a digital nation! Should I expect some digital monsters as well. I kid but the movie brings up an interesting subject. How do we cope with being surrounded constantly by technology?

As you all know or will get to know is that I'm very interested in video game technology. One segment of the video went to Korea and talked about the new disease that is infecting it's digital natives.

In Korea there are 24/7 gaming cafes called PC bongs. Where young gamers can spend up to 10-12 hours a day playing online games and some even will spend the whole night grinding to the next level. This is where experts have to ask themselves; Is game addiction a disease or a phenomena? Experts clearly see it as a treatable disease.

Researchers say that 90% of Korean children use the internet games and about 10% are at risk of becoming addicted. Since game addiction has been deemed an actual disease there as been large efforts to research and treat the disease. The government has set up internet rescue centers for the seriously addicted. These rescue centers help rehabilitate the addicts by simply "Unplugging" them. The centers provide low tech activities for the kids and tunes them back to the real world.

Though many great benefits have come from today's technologies they also come with a wave of new problems as well.

Look what I found

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I am beginning my interactive research
Here is one thing I like:

Created by Universal Everything with FIELD, Communion is a room sized installation creating almost a 360º environment. The final piece includes an array or evolving creatures going through stages of development - evolution from simple to complex with human like properties with generative behaviours, deeply immersive and "a celebration of an audio visual synesthetic experience". Exhibited at the La Gaîté Lyrique in Paris.