Choice is the problem

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Storytelling is my calling but sometimes I just want to watch it all unfold and not interfere with its natural course. My favorite kind of genre is RPG. Story driven and intense character interaction is right up my alley. However, a recent trend that has been going around is free choice. This is a big turn from how Japanese rpgs are usually made and America has opted to branch off. American rpgs emphasis free choice and lets you have input in the majority of the plot. Exam of these games are Fallout 3, Skyrim and Mass Effect.

I want to create a world that has a great and immerse story to tell. However, I'm the type of player where choice is very draining on my mind. I don't need every item and every achievement but I do need to know the whole story. So, when developers make games that can span in some many different directions its very difficult at times for me to enjoy.

However, one game that I do seem to enjoy which offers free choice but has strong character development is Deus Ex Machina. It's a game that blends everything I want in a game.

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