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Digital Nation link: Here

I thought the video was very interesting and fun to watch. It did drag on a certain points but overall it went well. We are living in a digital nation! Should I expect some digital monsters as well. I kid but the movie brings up an interesting subject. How do we cope with being surrounded constantly by technology?

As you all know or will get to know is that I'm very interested in video game technology. One segment of the video went to Korea and talked about the new disease that is infecting it's digital natives.

In Korea there are 24/7 gaming cafes called PC bongs. Where young gamers can spend up to 10-12 hours a day playing online games and some even will spend the whole night grinding to the next level. This is where experts have to ask themselves; Is game addiction a disease or a phenomena? Experts clearly see it as a treatable disease.

Researchers say that 90% of Korean children use the internet games and about 10% are at risk of becoming addicted. Since game addiction has been deemed an actual disease there as been large efforts to research and treat the disease. The government has set up internet rescue centers for the seriously addicted. These rescue centers help rehabilitate the addicts by simply "Unplugging" them. The centers provide low tech activities for the kids and tunes them back to the real world.

Though many great benefits have come from today's technologies they also come with a wave of new problems as well.

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