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If I believe I can then that must mean I CAN! That is the power of self-efficacy. According to Bandura, the "Path between cognition and behavioral outcome is mediated by perceptions of efficacy. A conviction that one can successfully execute the behavior required to produce the outcomes.

According an article on Social Cognitive Theory says that learning is a function of the extent to which individuals are able to reflect upon and internalize their own successes and failures. An example they use is reading a book about driving a car, If a certain number of simulations are done then this will improve the users self-efficacy. Thus when it comes time to drive an actual car then they are more likely to succeed.

Haha self-efficacy. If I didn't envision my self making the jump first before I actually did it I
don't know how it would have turned out.

What are you waiting for?" said the voice.

"You expect me to cross that!?" he asked

"You won't answers don't you?" he chucked

Matthew began stretching and envisioning himself making the jump.

"I'm ready!" Matthew yelled.

Matthew steps back and runs to the edge and jumps. Time seemed to slow down. He looked as if he was walking on air. Closer and closer he got until he started to lose height. Matthew began to hurdle down to the inferno below. His skin began to peel off and his body became charred from the heat.

"What's wrong, you made it?" said the voice.
Matthew was clinging to the edge and pulled himself up.

"How..did I make it?" he said exhaustedly

"Good... now onward!"

"Che. You don't have to remind me."

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Self-efficacy is something that I am still trying to use at its best for myself, but am getting hampered sometimes when face something that seems impossible for me. But the story with Mathew is a really one to be remembered! Thanks for teh insightful post!
Kaitlin Moore

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