Social Identity Theory and the Organization

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Do you feel like you belong? and if you do, where do you see yourself belonging?

Social Identity theory is an individual's sense of identity defined in terms of a larger social group to which the individual owes allegiance. A good example is an athletic team on UMD. You see yourself a member of the UMD community but you also identify yourself as a separate member of the athletic team. You have a tendency to behave in a different manner depending on if your surrounded by members of the athletic team. That is because you feel that you belong you have a urge to act in an acceptable manner that fits the norms of that group.

According to the article "Social Identity theory and the Organization" by Blake E Ashforth and Fred Mael states that people tend to classify themselves and others into various social categories that has to do with organizational memberships such as religious affiliation, gender and age. SIT doesn't only work on how the individuals views themselves but also how others see him. This means that if I see someone that belongs to the UMD athletic team I will expect a certain behaviors that fit members of that group.

Everyone turned against me. They were no longer my allies. I felt that I lost everything but I still had one thing left. The strength...of my soul.

It was a coup and I was being dethroned. I couldn't remember how many people I took down. I was just so tried. Why did this have to have happen. "Argh!"

The scene changes to Matthew in purgatory giving a powerful bellow. The numbers were overwhelming but Matthew had no equal. The corpses stripped him of his swards yet he still fought. One of his horns had been broken off yet he continued. The world of purgatory and memory seem to flip back and forth. Matthew became Matthew. They both reached for the broken on that was on the ground. He turned around and pierced...her.

"Why? What was she doing here...Julia!" A scream so heart-wrenching fill the scene and everything came to a standstill.

"This is the truth you've sought. It must have been a relief when she died" Said the Voice.

"NO!" shouted Matthew

"She took everything away from you. Deep down you hated her.

"You're wrong!" he said crying

-Matthew, Matthew, MATTHEW!-

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Social Identity theory is really an interesting one. Sometimes I really wonder where I belong but I am sure I will find my exact place in there.Wonderful post!

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