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Chatting Nuthead

Hello everyone! My name is May Her and I am a full-time student, majoring in Business Marketing. This is my third year at the University and hope to finish next spring of 08. I currently work full-time at Wells Fargo Bank so that explains what I do if I am not at school. I have been with the company for three years and I hope to stick with the company and work my way up to the marketing department in the future if things go well. Besides school and work, I enjoy spending time with my family and friends. I come from a huge family of nine kids, seven being girls. (Poor father) ? I also enjoy traveling, which I plan to visit Italy the end of this semester.

I can’t recall the first computer I had ever used but it was pretty slow! :X Pretty much, I used it to play solitaire and battleship. The internet was a hobby for me and I spent hours on it once I learned how to use it. I remember having AOL and I was addicted to chatting online. (Even sneaking behind my dad’s back!) I made a lot of friends online and I was inseparatable from it then. Now I use it for more educational purposes (google, etc), e-mailing, etc.

Web 2.0 has been very useful today, although I may not be an expert at it. I remember using geocities and angelfire when I first learned how to use codes but still can’t get it down, unlike my sister who is an expert at it all! It has been a great experience for meeting others, finding information, etc.


Your favorite TV Show:

American Idol
Law & Order
Fashion Runway
None of the above


Hi! By 'Fashion Runway' do you mean 'Project Runway'? Love that show! RJNC

Welcome to the course.