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First Blogging Experience

Hi everyone! This is a new experience for me – blogging that is. ). Like many others, I’m used to posting on WebCt for classes. During 2006-2007 I decided to become a full time student trying to finish up my degree. I’ve been on the 80-year program – time to accelerate! After this semester I’m only two classes away from completing my undergrad degree (hopefully this fall). When I’m not in school or working, I like to bike with my husband, work in my garden, work out, hike, or just hang out with my kids. I also work full time as a Systems Analyst in a manufacturing company in St. Paul.

I started my career on the business side (Purchasing) and migrated to the IT side so I could work longer but few days while my kids were small. I became an operator at the Help Desk and my manager was excited because I had some background in LAN (local area network) security. Yes, I’ll be dating myself here but when I first started, we had to sign up to use the NBI (word processing computers) to type documents. The company graduated to PCs and connected them via the LAN. I was the security administrator for our floor. At the Help Desk, there were only a couple PCs. We were supporting mainframe applications (that included mounting big reels & tapes). Some of the “techies? were able to use the dial-up system to go through the library and bring back some archaic data from the web. It was really fun – we had text but no graphics. Boy have times have changed!

I still work on our legacy system (IDMS, DB2, SQL, etc) with little experience on the net. I want to become more Net savvy. I bought an Apple last year and love it! I am more comfortable using it than my PC at work. Safari and Firefox get my vote. From what I understand about Web 2.0 (and frankly I didn’t know there was a Web 1.0 and 2.0), it is so much better than before. Database management, in particular, can make or break you (key component). With contributions from everyone and everywhere, the amount of data can be endless. Web 2.0 appears to offer the flexibility that users demand. I like that releases are continuous and transparent - something that didn’t even occur to me before. Anyways, I’m excited about Web 2.0 and hopefully this class will prove to me that it’s not so intimidating once I get more familiar with the Net. Is it like going to a restaurant with a menu that is pages long? Overwhelming at first until you just look at it section by section?



What is your favorite type of cuisine?

Fast Food


Welcome to the class! I'm excited to have another programmer around. (Are there two or three of you this semester?)

For some reason, your survey isn't allowing votes. Did you snag all the code when you pasted it in?

Hello Julia,

Sounds like you and I have a lot in common:

Our names
We're married
We're both trying to finish our degree as adults
We are used to posting on WebCt (yikes! it took me a while to figure out this blog!)
And we both love our Apple computers


Hey there Julie! Just trying to figure out this comment deal. Is there an easier way than to find someone's entry to comment. Can I comment from the listings?? I feel like such a noobie at this....