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Glad I Wasn't First!

Hello All,

I am finishing up my last semester at the U with a degree in Communication Studies. (Insert CLA joke here) Alot of people ask me what I am going to do with my degree to which I reply, communicate. I currently work for the University of Minnesota Foundation as a Student Development Representative or as most people commonly call it, a telemarketer. However, the job is not as bad as it may seem, in fact I have a lot of wonderful conversations with alumni and also help raise a substantial amount of money for the University. I was born and raised in southern MN before I attended the U and plan on moving somewhere, ANYWHERE, for a while with the most likely intention of coming back to the cities eventually.

Have you ever been in a class where you know the answer to the teacher's question, but are afraid to say it aloud just in case you might be wrong? This is how I felt last night as I thought I would try and tackle this week's assignment then. The blog stood with only Krista's posts and here I am trying not to look like an idiot or worse, computer illiterate by posting somewhere that I wasn't supposed to. My first experience with the internet happened throught computer gaming. I was the first kid on the block to have a PC but the last to get the internet. So, in the mid 90's when the computer we had was by far obsolete, my family got the internet and I officially became the last person you ever wanted to play StarCraft with. StarCraft, a computer game made post WarCraft, was my first influential experience with the internet. I say this because it was not the first, but it was probably the reason I fear technology today. Like I said my computer was slow and outdated and frequently became the reason for LAG in the game. This lack of confidence in my old IBM discouraged me from expanding my horizons and deterred me from strong internet usage.

Throughout my college years I have become increasingly comfortable with using computer technology but still overall am apprehensive. The concept of Web 2.0 seems to be another great advancement for computer-mediated communication as it allows users to become more proactive in their approach to the internet. As every college student I have watched the rising popularity of Facebook and Myspace. I use services like Ebay and Neteller as well. My main concern about Web 2.0 is not with the technology and freedom it has brought us, but the constant and extreme involvement computers now have in our everyday lives. I am curious to know the perspective of those of you who are more directly affiliated with the use of computers either in your major or your everyday life.

Are you addicted to the Net?

How much time during your day do you spend working/playing on the internet?

Less than 1 hour
1 to 3 hours
3 to 5 hours
more than 5 hours


I worry about constant involvement too, especially lately. I';m used to being able to look things up at any time, to sell, shop, and do my banking in the middle of the night, and all sorts of other things. My Internet addiction is rather strong, and it would do me good to make a point of spending more time away from it right now. But a semester when you're teaching an online class about the Internet and writing a dissertation on Wikipedia isn't a semester that you can take time away, you know?

I'm quitte afraid sometimes too. And I have to say that I could not live without internet right now. We always hear these sort of questions : "could you spend a month without tv/cellphone/whatever...?". We never know, but I had to deal with that when I first came here. I did not have a cellphone for 5 months, so it's possible, I lived without tv for a few months too, but I kept trying to connect on Internet every time I could.

Well... I was the first. Someone had to be. Rest assured, I wasn't certain I was posting to the blog the right way either!