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Happy Blogging!! Done it once or twice....

Hi my name is Jamie Johnson and I am senior here at the U and 22 years old. I am just finishing up my math degree, and possibly looking at finishing up a Mechanical engineering degree also. To be perfectly honest I am taking this class to help fill some elective credits and it fits into my schedule since I work alot. My current jobs involve being a DJ for parties on the weekend, working at a custom car shop during the week and trying to go to school full time. Besides my hectic work schedule I snowboard as much as possible and I have also been playing piano for around 13-14 years. Some other interesting tid-bits about myself is that me and a buddy just came back from a snowboarding trip in California and got stuck in the snow storm in Wyoming and witnessed around 4 accidents with semitrucks, but we made it fine, so happy blogging to all!

I do not recall my exact time of getting into the internet. I am not a programmer or computer geek in the least bit, and my knowledge of their workings would hardly be defined as extensive. I have always been into gaming and such as atari all the way up to xbox 360. My family was also one of those families that seemed to lag a bit in the technological world of computers. I can first recall actually using a computer and the internet back when it was around 28k modem with all the wonderful sounds that came along with hooking up aol. I believe we had a bought a gateway computer that was annoyingly bulky and since connection times and downloads and uploads were ridiclously slow most of my time on the net involved me getting mad at the computer and leaving to go make some lunch. It was mostly just used for some emailing and such because there really wasn't much information flowing at that time on the net. Also a couple years later was when I got my first cell phone, so for some reason my family took forever to get into computing, but I got to carry around one of those huge phones!

My experience with web 2.0 as looked through the articles has been absolutely fantastic as there is so much at my fingertips. I use it to run my car forums and promote my shop to help expansion and get our name out there. Its communication abilities are unmatched for speed and who you can stay in touch with these days who otherwise might not be accessible. As I said before I really did not get into the internet because I was not that patient of a young person and my family was behind in technology. Web 2.0 has made my life easier and keeps up with my lifestyle since I have everything at my fingertips and since it is constantly being updated its use is great.


What kind of cars are you into????

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Wow I have to say that you are a immensively busy person. That is also crazy that you seen such bad accidents. Did anyone die? Hope to hear from you.

Wow I have to say that you are a immensively busy person. That is also crazy that you seen such bad accidents. Did anyone die? Hope to hear from you.