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Hello all!

Where do I start? I am yet another person that was working in the engineering field. I worked as an Electronic Technician for a company that manufactured power generators for seven years and became very very very very burned out. The occupation didn't have any room for growth and the work became pretty boring to me.

I got married last August to an amazing woman. She's a smart, caring Health Researcher with a Masters in Public Health. I proposed to her at the Louvre (sp?) in Paris. That makes for a good story ha ha. We spent our honeymoon on Vancouver Island (British Columbia). That was a beautiful place. Over the Christmas break we went to Puerto Vallarta for a few days. With all of our wedding planning and career changes (The wife changed jobs too) and me starting at the U, we needed another vacation. It was great. I hope we can afford to do that again ha ha.

We both love animals. We have three cats and sometimes "borrow" my parents' 105 pound lab/dane cross aptly named Clifford. He's a goofball. I joke about making them pay for ever being born but they're actually pretty well behaved. The cats are amazingly gentle with my niece and nephew.

I had been going to night classes for the past few years and finally earned enough credits for a transfer to the U. I quit my old job and work part time as a bartender. My wife has been really supportive. I'm currently in the Scientific and Technical Writing program full-time and look forward to a career where I can utilize my creativity.

My favorite hobbies/activities would have to include photography, mountain biking, skiing, and boating on the Saint Croix. I've been into photography for something like 14 years. Until recently I used my grandfather's 1969 Pentax Spotomatic. I've finally entered the digital age and bought a Nikon D50. There's never enough time to go out shooting.

I guess one interesting thing about me is that I've been described as having a freaky knowledge of trivia. I played an 80's trivia game recently and destroyed everyone. My only weakness is sports trivia. I never cared for team sports that much. I'm more interested in the individual sports like boxing and Olympic events.

My first experience with computers was an ancient "Pong" type video game system when I was 4 or 5. I was amazed and wondered how it all worked. Later on my dad bought an Atari 5200 game system. It was really cool and before it's time. We had fun playing games like Star Raiders and Missile Command.

My first experience with a personal computer occurred when dad bought an Apple Macintosh. I found that the Mac was far more interesting than the older Apple computers and anything IBM ever made. I was a Mac user until I started working at my Technician job. I finally had to learn how to operate the dreaded Windows operating systems.

I first became familiar with the internet in the mid 1990s. I had a friend that always tinkered with computers. So he started going online after the internet became fairly user friendly. He signed up with AOL and did some surfing and chatting. I wasn't too interested in the internet just yet. Later on my dad signed up with someone and used one of his old 486 computers to surf. It was SO SLOW! I emailed a little but wasn't too interested just yet. After I started my Technician job, I became more proficient with the internet. As my job became more boring, I surfed more and more ha ha!

I think that the concept of Web 2.0 relates to the evolution that took place. Web 1.0 seemed to be a result of companies trying to transfer their existing resources like encyclopedias onto the internet. Individuals would make their own website with out any way to connect with others. Web 2.0 seemed to convert these "islands of information" into sites that allowed for communication and collaboration.

I've enjoyed getting news on specific topics from various blogs. I like being able to comment on the topics. I also utilize forum websites to get information on how to repair my computer and Jeep. They are life savers!

Blender's Question

Where do you like to vacation?

Tropical Beach Resorts
Mountain Ski Resorts
The Boundary Waters
No Time to Vacation!


Star Raiders and Missile Command! I had forgotten all about those two. I lost *so* many hours of my young life to playing Missile Command.

I enjoyed your comments! That sounds like some story, proposing at the Louvre. My brother-in-law tells me Vancouver is one of the most beautiful places he's ever been, and he goes lots of places.

I'd also forgotten about 386 vs 486 and all that.