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Hello class, sorry I'm late.

Hello everyone, from positively 4th Street, S.E.
Yes, this is my first time as a blogger, and yes, it did take me over a few days to figure it out, but now all is well. Anyway, my name is Eddie Olson, I am currently a junior, majoring in S&TC. So far it has been a great year. About a week ago I came back to the USA after spending six months living and studying in Vienna, Austria. As well as traveling around Europe, it was great! I am currently trying to get back into the USA life style, finishing moving in to my new place, getting back into school mode, and finding a job. Life is great.

I recall in elementary school playing the game Oregon Trail, that is my first memory of consistently using a computer. But besides playing games, I got to know computers during the early years of my schooling with typing classes and such. I believe my family got a computer when I was in 8th grade; that was the time when AOL was the thing to do. Looking back, thanks to my time on AOL chatting with my online buddies, I learned how to really type quickly. Sure the internet was very slow, but it was all we knew. Today I rarely if ever use an instant messaging system, but instead I will occasionally log onto the facebook.. yes I admit it.

I have experienced the transition from Web 1.0 to Web 2.0. at my fingertips. And though I consider “web 2.0? just to be another name for the “more advanced/evolved web we already knew,? I must say I like it. It is more user friendly and much more efficient regarding usability. With so much stuff on the web today, it is just fun to imagine what the “web 3.0? will be like.

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