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Hello Sports Fans its me SportsGuy22

Hello Class,
I am a senior studying science and technology communication, and looking to graduate next fall. I was in engineering for 3.5 years, and for the last 2 of it I was miserable, but now I am happy. Learning to communicate through several different mediums and using my technical knowledge has lead me to believe I have found the right major. I am an avid sports fan: Packers, Bucks, Brewers, Marquette Golden Eagles, as well as a temporarily retired gamer. I enjoy learning all about what is new in the world of online and computer technology and am thinking about learning to create a website and possibly use Linux on my next computer.
With the history of the internet, I was exposed to the early stages of the internet in elementary school, but was never allowed or had the ability to learn what it was. Over the years in middle school and high school I grew thirsty for knowledge. By the 7th grade my parents had borrowed a computer that ran DOS so that my sister and I could learn how to type. That computer quickly got scrapped after my parents realized it didn’t have a mouse. My parents are the victims of Gateway, but it was a nice first system for them and we bought a subscription to AOL and that is how I learned all about the internet. Looking back, it was amazing how much time I was allowed online alone, unsupervised when so many horrible things are readily available. I spent most of my time chatting using the instant messaging and developed quite a savvy for meeting people, I learned that chatrooms were ridiculous but that playing online games made for better interaction with online personalities. There was only one instance where I was completely fooled. I had an AOL profile and was found by a girl who was going to be coming to my school. She did the usual ambiguous online flirting and actually talked to some of my other friends, and in fact called them once. However, this all turned out to be a hoax, because the girl never showed up at our school. I think I might have been naïve about the whole online domain at that age, but it was a positive experience.
I can accept the fact that when a website is designated as Web 2.0, I can distinguish if, by this articles standards, it is or isn’t. However, I think the ever-changing landscape of online culture would soon dictate that newer versions or website or new technology can possibly be better than something that was deemed Web 2.0. I just like to refer to them as “The new sweetest thing I discovered? like Digg.com. I use Amazon.com, BensBargains, and recently began using Blogger.com. I am looking forward to reading how others feel on Web 2.0, and hopefully this might lead into the discussion of what a KillerApp is.

Worst Sports Personality

Who do you despise the most?

Bill Walton
Michael Irvin
Stephen A. Smith
Dick Vitale


Feel free to put up another post to discuss what a Killer App is. I don't have a problem with that at all.

So I see you were an instant messaging and chatting fanatic as well? It was quite addicting then I must say, although I never chat online anymore. There’s so much out there that is available to anyone which is quite scary. With technology, I think it’s a great thing that they’ve created restrictions for certain areas on the internet as well as age limits. There are many people who are fooled. ( I admit- I have but not anything extreme) It is always a great experience and really, it just depends on the ethics of the person.

p.s. what is a KillerApp?