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Here is my post

Hello my name is Nick Johnson and I am turning this in really close to the deadline as you can well see. Story of my life. A little bit about me: I am a full time student hopefully graduating this spring with a degree in Economics. I enjoy camping, canoeing, rock climbing, movies, music, concerts, and much more.

I came along on the internet during approximately the 8th grade in which the internet at the time was quite developed. Most people at the time already had internet and aol instant messenger and the like. All of my friends had email accounts as well. I was using a computer with windows 98 if I remember correctly and it had an earlier version of internet explorer.

Web 2.0 to me (after reading this article, previous knowledge, and other websites) seems to be a general interactive experience whereas the original form of the internet was more single sided. In the original internet a site would be created by some entity and you would read/view its contents and that’s all that would come from it. Web 2.0 is more of an interactive experience such as noted by the person who coined the term Tim O’Reilly. His original thoughts on it were for it to be a sort of conferencing device. It has since evolved into a million different ways of interaction such as Wikipedia (my favorite site), various social networking sites such as facebook or myspace, and much more. It is my opinion that web 2.0 is accomplishing what the internet originally was set out to create in a more interconnected world.

On a side note I think it is a fantastic thing as I find it a very similar concept to open-source software which I have ALWAYS been a huge proponent.

And here is my survey, hopefully it works

My Survey

Who is the best actor portraying someone in the mafia?

Robert Deniro
Danny Devito
Al Pacino
Christopher Walken
Ray Liotta
Paul Sorvino
Johnny Depp


I thought you brought up an interesting point about web 2.0 bearing some resemblance to open-source programming. It is an important distinction to make between the old, one-way forms of communication (like television and much of web 1.0 if we're using that term) and the two-way feedback cycle we're seeing more and more with sites like youtube and the myriad of social networking sites today.