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In with the new...

Hello all! Sorry that this is last minute, but boy o boy I have never blogged before. It took a while for me to find everything. I guess I’m not as good with computers as I thought I was. My name is Kelly Colbert and I am a third year at the University. I am studying Applied Economics and Marketing and finding that I really enjoy my classes. I hope to and plan on graduating in the spring of 2008 and heading out of the cold. I plan on moving to Colorado or Arizona where the sun shines a little bit more. I do enjoy the summers up in Minnesota but having nice weather year round would be wonderful. I just don’t really like walking to class with 8 layers on… I guess I am in the wrong state! I also love listening to music. I have to have it on at all times when I do anything! So if you know of any good bands or anything of the sort, let me know!

My first memory of computers was when I was slightly younger and in the first grade. We would have computer class each week and learn how to type on computers using Number Munchers and Mavis Beaken Teaches Typing. It was so amazing to me that I could press a button and it would show up on the screen. It was a huge step up from the typewriter that my family had at home. I guess I had a great experience with the computers at such a young age because I find myself constantly on my computer checking e-mails on an hourly basis and signed in to the AIM program all day every day. During middle school my friends and I would rush home from school and chat for hours on-line with our friends that we saw all day long at school. It was to the point that my mom had given me a time limit to be on the computer and would always tell me that the times are changing with the technology era.

I find myself being awestruck with our generation and the use of technology today. Everything that you could imagine is on the web and everything that is being advertised always has a .com address as well. I think many times of the progression of the internet that I have personally used; new updates for programs almost on a weekly basis and new and more efficient websites that help immensely for finding the information that I need. Also the speed of the modems that my family has gone through over the years is quite humorous when I look back. There would be days that I would click on a page to load, go make myself lunch and come back to the computer and the page still would not have loaded. As the article talked about, in just a few years modems will be a word of the past and everyone is going to have WiFi. Minneapolis in just a few years is going to have wireless for the whole city which is really going to change the way that people interact. Sitting out at Calhoun in the summer, everyone will be on their computer instead of the numerous activities that usually take place.

Web 2.0 really boggles my mind in more ways than just one. The amount of technology at our hands everyday who knows what my kids are going to be making fun of me the way that I sometimes tease my parents about the technology that they had growing up. Being able to create websites and having anything at your fingertips is quite amazing when you realize that the Web is not tangible. I am an avid user of on line shopping almost to the point that if they do not have it posted on their site many times I do not go to that particular store to purchase the item. I have also dedicated many hours to Ebay and Amazon browsing what’s new and personalized my own web pages through Facebook at Myspace; a whole new way to stay in touch with friends. The new technology that is coming out in an incredibly fast pace is exciting and yet a bit scary in that the world is becoming so dependent on the use of the web. Just a few decades ago, no one would have ever dreamed of taking a class on line. It would have been crazy talk. Web 2.0 is the new thing for now… but in the age of technology it seems like the new become the old very quickly.

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Hi Kelly! You and I seem to have a lot more in common than some of our other classmates! Want to make a pact that if we have questions or are confused we will be in touch via email? I feel like I might struggle with some of the technology references in this class! Yikes!
Kate :)

Hi. I haven't blogged before either, it was my first time. It wasn't as bad as I thought it would be.

One of my earliest memories of using the computer, was playing Number and Word Munchers in elementary school. It's so odd, but I can remember that game as if I just played it only days ago--when actuallity it's been YEARS!!