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Let's See If This Works

Hi all,
My name is Mark and I am currently a Senior at the University of Minnesota. As of now I plan to graduate in May and hopefully get a job in my major, Public Relations. Being a huge sports fan, I hope to get a job with an athletic organization. Currently, I live near campus and attend classes and have never taken a course online so this should be an interesting experience. I live with my girlfriend and she was the one that convinced me to do this so if I somehow do poorly, I am going to blame it on her.

I have been around computers for quite a while. I remember when I was much younger my father brought home an Apple II E. The screen was green and one had to put floppy disks into the drives to play games or run a program, how things have changed. Around 1995 after we bought a crappy computer and hooked it up with a 28.8k modem. The whole family thought it was the weirdest thing. However, my family is slow to change and we kept the dial-up until just last summer when I convinced them that it is a lot easier to get things done with a faster hook-up.

When I came to college and experieced a faster, more fun internet, it was like my life was changed. I went from barely using the internet to being on it for hours exploring. And while I do not consider myself that computer literate, I hope to learn a lot through this class.

It is my belief that Web 2.0 has benefitted our culture greatly. We are now able to interact and exchange ideas quicker and easier. From my experieces of writing reviews for products, to writing opinions for IMDB and iTunes, I have been able to become more connected with people on the Internet. I am excited to learn about all my colleagues and about the limitless opportunities the Web gives us.

Video Games

Which Gaming Console Would You Purchase First?

Nintendo Wii
None, they are all too expensive.


Welcome to the course. I'm glad to have someone around who actively participates in reviews -- we'll be talking about that more later.