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Live, from D.C.

Sorry this is late, I'll try to catch up fast...
While I am in Washington, D.C. for the semester, I was born and raised near a small south-central Minnesota town on a farm. While I am actually a full-time student, this is my only "real" class for the semester, which I just added last night as I realized I will have enough time after all. My only other class is my internship, which I am taking out here with the House Agriculture Committee. My life is headed that way whether I like it or not (and I do), and I thought an internship out here would compliment my Agricultural Education (non-teaching) major. While I have only been in D.C. for a couple of weeks, my only hobbies are work and Internet, until I make some friends. Back home I enjoy sports, both participating in intra-murals and being a spectator of professional or Gopher sports.
I guess living out here is interesting, as I am living literally 3 blocks from the U.S. Capitol (and walk through it's basement on my way to work).

I was the first person to have the Internet in my 5th grade class. My first year was basically checking it out and playing some games. I had a hotmail account from day one, and MSN Messenger followed soon after. I taught myself HTML in 6th grade, and made a website (a very basic website) for my church in 8th grade. I stuck with the Internet through high school, but lost interest in the programming side as I did more and more agricultural activities. One thing about HTML is that it is easy to remember once to learn it, because the language is so unlike anything and is pretty straight forward. For instance, I understand the tags that this editor makes when I want to make a link. I am addicted to Firefox, Facebook and Gmail, and now that I have a job in a House Office Building, I do not know what would happen to our country without Internet and Blackberrys. I also have a blog on Blogspot where I can communicate easily with friends and family about my daily experiences out here.

Although I use the web daily, I am not familiar with the concept of Web 2.0. I have seen the obvious changes the article talks about, but of course you cannot draw a firm line between the two concepts. The user-friendliness and amount of user-interactive websites has of course increased dramatically, but I would have to agree with Blender and the article that the biggest difference was from trying to turn a page of the Internet into a store, library, or something we already have in Web 1.0 (keeping the Internet, as software, at a standstill), and we now are using our knowledge to create a better Internet. I enjoy:
My blog, as it saves me cell phone minutes
Facebook, so I know what my friends are up to, and what they have taken crazy pictures of
Gmail, for its 3 GB of storage (more than my first computers)
Craigslist, for being eBay's free evil step-brother
and Nike+, which is a running program integrated into your shoes, to see your distance and time of running. All set to the music of your iPod.


What is your ideal MN temperature?

Below 0, ice fishing time!
0-32, let's snowmoblie!
32-50, I don't like to sweat when I run.
50-62, slightly chilled.
62-80, not too hot not to cold, just right
80-90, I'm trying to lose weight!
90+, I like MN 10 days a year!


Welcome to the course! You have the distinction of being my second longest-distance student. (The one in London several semesters back still counts as the first.)