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New To This

Hello everyone. My name is Harpal (Paul) Thind. I would like to be called Paul. I am a full time student here at the U. I am a Junior and will graduate Spring of 08. My major is BME, Business and Marketing Education, and Communications. I have a lot that I like to do for fun. I travel a lot. Last year I went to LA, Las Vegas, twice, London, England, and also Cancun Mexico. I also like to play sports such as basketball, baseball, Golf, and I also like to fish. Yes fishing is a sport. Things that are interesting about me is that I really get along with everyone that I meet. I don't judge people based on first impressions. I judge them after I have met them. Just kidding. I run our family business which is managing and maintaining 2 liquor stores, one in Minneapolis and one in Arden Hills that we are just recently purchasing. I run the day to day operations and also help out with marketing. My parents help out as well however they also work full time at their day jobs.

I believe I came in in the development of the Net in it's infency. I remember reading about the Dallas Mavericks owner Mark Cuban and how he started an internet company and sold it for billions. The company had to do with showing live games on the internet. I believe that's where I started really getting interested in the net. Here is a link that talks about Mark Cuban, how he started out and how he made his billions. http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Mark_Cuban.

My first experiences with computing would have to be playing number munchers and Oregon Trail on the Apple IIe's in grade school. My first online experiences looking back now would have to be that they where all really slow. I couldn't talk on the phone and be online at the same time until we got double lines. The experience overall though was really positive. I was just overwhelmed by all the information that I could get at. My first computer surfing the Net was an Acer Asphire. Which wasn't too bad.

I believe that the concepts of web 2.0 really have brought about more interaction among users. I do believe that it has transformed user experiences online. I believe that because of all of the web 2.0 applications, more people are getting involved with the Net and generally have a better experience with it. I use ebay and wikipedia regularly.

Online Courses

How many online course have you taken at the U?

more than 4